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New Contemporary DANCE work commission

Culture Tracks 2017 - Expression of Interest

CRITERIA  - What are we looking for?

- Demonstrated ability to develop and deliver a dynamic and professional contemporary dance based work/s of 60-70 minutes duration to a general public audience and suitable for performance in the venues specified: Burrinja, The Memo, and Montrose Town Centre

- Examples of previous work demonstrating contemporary dance practice and new work development of a high standard

- Ability  to deliver the program within the set time frames for development, culminating in performances in October 2017

- The work proposed must be a new work which will be premiered at the Yarra Ranges venues specified in 2017

- The proposal should comprise either one long work, or a series of up to 4 shorter works that can be performed as the one cohesive 60 -70 minute program

- The proposal should articulate a contemporary conceptual response to Yarra Ranges, linking  thematically or artistically with the region’s unique narratives.

-The proposal may consider incorporating other art-forms in collaborative / interdisciplinary practice, preferably engaging with other artists or performers from the Yarra Ranges region.

- Articulation of a proposed process to document and communicate the development of the new work and (including visually) – and to make this material available to the venues for use in evaluation and marketing.

- Development plans for the work post-premiere. This could include touring, professional development, workshops or other outcomes into 2018 and beyond.

Key Dates

Creating Tracks 2017 EOI open NOW

EOI closes on Mon FEB 13, 2017

Applicants advised early MAR 2017

In-venue development to commence after APR 2017 as negotiated with Venues

In-venue rehearsals / tech from mid OCT 2017

Performance outcome OCT 2017



Download Application Drafting Tool

Apply: ONLINE HERE Note – the online application needs to be completed in the one session. Please use the drafting tool to draft and work with others involved with your project before completing the online application.

For more information contact Ross Farnell, Executive Director Burrinja. 03 9754 8723 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Creating Tracks is a new initiative of Burrinja and Yarra Ranges Council seeking to commission a new professional contemporary dance work/s to be presented in three venues across Yarra Ranges. Creating Tracks will be a part of Yarra Ranges Culture Tracks program, with performances in late 2017.

Creating Tracks will provide fees, development space, time and professional support of up to $22,000 total to the successful applicant.


What it will achieve
Creating Tracks will provide the unprecedented opportunity for a new contemporary dance work to be developed. It offers financial, venue and professional support, and a commitment to present the work in three cultural venues in Yarra Ranges.This creative residency supports dynamic collaborative arts practice and will enable the development of an exciting inter-disciplinary contemporary dance work.

Creating Tracks continues our commitment to developing contemporary dance practice and audiences in the region. Creating Tracks will further our aim to develop, produce and program holistically and innovatively across art forms and to create a sustainable, resilient arts sector, contributing to the vibrancy, diversity and cultural ecology of the region.

Creative Response

The new dance work should project a contemporary conceptual response to the Yarra Ranges, and the proposal should articulate ways in which it will link thematically or artistically with the region’s unique narratives; be that community, townships, environment, characters or stories.

The program may incorporate other art-forms in collaborative / interdisciplinary practice, preferably engaging with artists or performers from the Yarra Ranges region.

Creative Context - Dance Tracks

Creating Tracks is an extension of our on-going commitment to artistic and audience development. In 2014 Burrinja and Yarra Ranges Council developed Dance Tracks, a three year strategy for dance development across Yarra Ranges, aiming to create a sustainable, on-going culture of dance performance and presentation across the region.

Dance Tracks integrates regional dance network development, public participatory dance development initiatives, and coordinated programming across all major performance venues in the region.

What we are offering

There will be one successful applicant only in 2017. They will have access to:

  •     Fee: A guaranteed new work development fee of $12,000; plus a performance fee based on a percentage of box office ticket sales.
  •     Access to venues for new work development and rehearsal.
  •     Dates and times will be subject to availability. Approx. 3 weeks development and 1 week rehearsal venue time. Valued at $5,500.
  •     Access to venue technicians during later rehearsals to assist in staging and lighting planning. Value $1,400.
  •     3 performances across 3 venues in late 2017 – Memo (Healesville); Burrinja (Upwey); Upper Yarra Arts Centre (Warburton).
  •     Inclusion in all Culture Tracks and related Season 2017 marketing materials with collateral produced by the venues. Value $800
  •     Assistance / mentoring with regards to future touring or development opportunities for the works once they have premiered in the Yarra Ranges. Value $1,000

Contractual agreement

The successful applicant will be offered a development and performance contract.

The selected artist/s will enter into a contract with Burrinja Cultural Centre for delivery of the project across all of the venues. The contract will outline payment stages and procedures in line with standard practice.

Intellectual Property

The ownership of copyright in the works produced on this project will be retained by the artist/s. The artist/s will be required to grant Burrinja and Yarra Ranges Council a permanent and irrevocable royalty-free non-exclusive licence (including the right of sub-licence) to use the material produced on the project for marketing, publicity and promotional purposes.


Burrinja and Yarra Ranges Council will promote the project as appropriate, including, but not limited to, presence in Culture Tracks and related published materials, Burrinja and Council’s websites, social media and other promotional materials.


Before any ‘in venue’ development work begins, the selected artist/s must have Public Liability Insurance coverage of at least $10,000,000. A current Certificate of Currency for the relevant level of insurance must be supplied to Burrinja prior to the commencement of in venue development

How do I apply?

  •     Expression of Interest applications must be submitted via the online form available via the Burrinja website at: ONLINE HERE by 6pm, Monday February 13. 
  •     Applications are open to all artists or collaborative groups who have the skills and networks to satisfy the listed criteria and to develop this outcome successfully.
  •     Applicants must agree to all terms and conditions of the EOI, including acknowledging Yarra Ranges Council and Burrinja as producing partners on all marketing material for the initial performances and for any future development or performances.
  •     Applications will be reviewed by a review panel comprising internal and external referees.
  •     The Application process for Creating Tracks is managed by Burrinja Cultural Centre, and any correspondence regarding the application process should be directed to the Burrinja contact as advised on the EOI application form.

Yarra Ranges

Yarra Ranges is a place that values culture. The Yarra Ranges community understands the profound and powerful influence arts, culture and heritage have in shaping our lives. We want to extend and build on this understanding. Our vision is to shape Yarra Ranges as a place where access to and participation in arts, culture and heritage is sustained as a seamless and deeply meaningful experience. An experience we encounter in the street, in our open spaces, in our civic places, our schools and in our homes.
To deliver on this vision in the area of dance we aim to:
-    Energize cultural facilities and public places with high quality dance programming that connects to local audiences and increases participation in dance.
-    Encourage greater understanding of the value of dance, increase awareness of dance activities taking place in the region, and provide more opportunities for participation.
-    Build good relationships and active networks between the dance communities in Yarra Ranges so that local dancers, dance groups, and organizations are supported in their activities.


Burrinja is a vibrant community cultural centre in the Dandenong Ranges with a clear, creative and community-based vision for the region: Building Community through Arts. Burrinja is a cultural hub for the Dandenong Ranges that works to provide engaging outcomes contributing to the vibrancy, diversity and cultural ecology of the region.
Burrinja’s program is aligned with enabling the development of emerging and distinctive cultural practices by developing and presenting experiential and extended arts practice and programs across diverse art forms and cultural activities within the region.
Burrinja will develop, produce and program holistically and innovatively across art forms and seek to create a sustainable, resilient arts and cultural sector in the region through audience development and engagement within its program.
The program will seek to work in partnership across a wide range of cross-sector organisations that strengthen programming and delivery capacity and the impact of program outcomes.






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