Ethical Capabilities

Community of Inquiry – Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools

Stimulus: Burrinja Cultural Centre - Tour and Exploration








Learning Areas


Civics and Citizenship – Citizenship, Diversity and Identity

Ethical Issue:

Should Art promote diversity, democracy and / or a cohesive society?

Ethical Capability Level 9-10:

Fairness, Equality, Respect and Tolerance

Burrinja Cultural Centre - Overview & Context

Burrinja is a regional, independent community cultural centre that houses a number of varying activities – art exhibitions both local and national, indigenous art exhibitions and artefacts, local artist studios and workshops, a theatre for performances including community events, school, dance and professional theatre, workshop spaces and a café, and an indigenous garden.

The Burrinja vision is building community through arts.




For more information About Burrinja see www.burrinja.org.au/about/about-burrinja
For program information see www.burrinja.org.au



Identified Key Stimulus areas for students:


1. Civics, Citizenship, Diversity, Democracy:

Burrinja Cultural Centre as an entity:

Our foundations, aims and objectives. Our activities and place within community.

See also Burrinja Overview & Context

Two provocations for students to consider re democracy and community activism at Burrinja:

a. The community fight to save a building and create a community cultural centre.

b. Theatre Axed Campaign to restore $2m Federal Funding


Theatre Axed Logo



2. Citizenship: Art & Activism; Diversity

Artwork for the Burrinja Climate Change Biennale

Artist: Joy Serwylo,

Artwork: 'At this point of time, it appears that we have not yet established a plan "B"', mixed media, 2015


Burrinja Climate Change Biennale



3. Art & Culture (activism). Diversity & Identity (Fairness, equality, respect and tolerance)

Indigenous artwork – Indigenous rights and land claims

Artist: Jack Dale Mengenen – Ngarinyin, West Kimberley 1920 - 2013

Artwork: Malu – Map: Me & My Father’s Country – family land. Derby 2008


Jack Dale Mengenen



4. Oceanic Art – Diversity and Identity; Respect and Tolerance

Cultural artefacts & museum collecting; Cultural context, appropriation, ownership & belonging

Artist: Oceanic Stone Carving – Ingiet

Region: Tolai, New Britain, Papua New Guinea.


Oceanic Stone Carving Ignet



Burrinja tickets

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Cnr Glenfern Road and Matson Dr, Upwey, VIC
Box Office: 9754 8723
Burrinja: Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 4pm