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Image: Andrea Innocent, Giant Birdhouse Installation, 'ALONE, BUT NOT LONELY', 2009




Burrinja Foyer

Who lives here?

Burrinja Kids Stay and Play free family activity by local studio artist Andrea Innocent

'Who lives here?' is an installation of a giant cardboard house.

Is it the house of a giant bird? Or a possum? Maybe a snake lives here? It's up to you! Come and draw on the giant animal house. It's big enough to walk inside where you can create your own cute character or imagine what sort of furniture they might use in their house. Does a possum need a tv? Or a fridge, or curtains? Or maybe even a toilet!

More about Burrinja Kids - Stay and Play



18 FEB - 19 MAR


Burrinja Gallery

VCE Creative Showcase 2017

VCE Creative Showcase is an annual celebration of the creative talents of senior art and studio art students from across Yarra Ranges. It is an exciting opportunity to see the work of the next generation of artists in a professional gallery setting.

Hosted by Yarra Ranges Council's cultural venues and Burrinja Cultural Centre, the exhibitions deliver a diverse and exciting collection of works by our most inspiring emerging artists.

Join us on for the exhibition opening on Friday 17 February.

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Image: Brynne Hymus


18 FEB - 19MAR


Burrinja Gallery

Invoking Indigo

Students from Upwey High School present their creative interpretations to working with Artist in Residence, Jude Craig.

Indigo is a natural blue dye, which comes from a plant. Through a process of reduction and oxidation, indigo surrenders many shades of heavenly blue hues. With the global awareness for sustainable lifestyles, indigo is once again being considered a precious commodity. The students have gained the knowledge of how to care for this living vat and how to coax natural blue from it. Students also watched the hard-hitting documentary film, The True Cost. This film examines the impact the fashion industry is having on our planet; how ‘fast fashion’ is driving the rights and wages of workers in 3rd world countries to an intolerably low level, whilst selling us the ‘dream’ of fashion affordability.

Substantiated by investigating artists who are manipulating clothing to create works of art, this was the springboard from which students launched themselves into Invoking Indigo. They were encouraged to rip and tear garments destined for landfill and to redefine the clothing’s sculptural form. Some embraced Japanese techniques of shibori, others attempted to create a variety of clean hues on clothing to form large organic works; all conveyed the message to tread more lightly on the planet.

Artists in Schools - A Victorian Government Initiative

This exhibition will launch the 80th birthday celebrations at Upwey high School.

Image: (Detail), Jude Craig



Exhibition 1 APR - 14 MAY
Weekend 29 & 30 APR, 10am - 5pm
Exhibition opening & event launch event: Friday, 31st March, 7pm

Dandenong Ranges Open Studios 2017

Meet the makers hidden in the Hills

You are invited to step through the threshold and into the personal studios of some of the most inspiring artists in the region.

The Dandenong Ranges Open Studios is a unique weekend and exhibition opportunity to experience and meet artists in their working studios; it is in these curious and inspirational environments that the artist’s creative practice truly comes to life.

Each year since 2004 the program showcases around 30 studios including Emerging Artists, Collectives and Individual Artists. We welcome you to visit the studios and artists that most intrigue and excite you. The Open Studios is also a unique opportunity to acquire artwork and hand crafted items directly from the artists and be enriched by the insights of their creative worlds.

Full details  at openstudios.org.au



20 MAY – 18 JUN


Burrinja Gallery

Contemporary Australian Landscape

Ebony Finck, Jonathan Carmichael and Vicki Moritz

Landscape photography plays a key role in defining who we are as a nation, and how we see ourselves in relation to the environment we inhabit. Landscape affects how we relate to each other and plays a key role in separating us from one another. 
Australia is a vast and unforgiving land, formed in ancient times and still largely uninhabited. The Australian landscape seems charged with spiritual presence and a stark emptiness that haunts our suburbs and extends across deserts to the sea on every side. However across the dusty plains and rocky grounds, flowers grow and animals flourish, revealing a beauty beneath the surface that calls out to us to better understand our history and surroundings.
This exhibition draws together three Victorian based contemporary photographers to continue this dialogue with the surrounding land.  Ebony Finck, Jonathan Carmichael and Vicki Moritz present very different visual interpretations of modern Australia.

Jonathan Carmichael, Birch Tree, 2015


20 May - 18 June


Burrinja Gallery

Arlpwe Arts - The Colours of the Desert

Burrinja looks forward to welcoming artists from Arlpwe Arts in Ali Curung, NorthernTerritory, back to Burrinja.  For the third time after 2013 and 2014, the artists will visit Burrinja to exhibit new paintings, pottery and their trademark life-size dog sculptures. Dog Dreaming is central to Kaiditch country where ancestral dogs traveled in ancient times. Ali Curung is located in the spinifex country four hours north of Alice Springs.

Accompanied by arts workers Judith and Ian Grieve members of the four language groups who reside in Ali Curung (Warlpiri, Warumungu, Kaiditch and Alyawarra) will visit Burrinja for a week presenting painting workshops and demonstrations of traditional objects and boomerangs to schools and visitors to Burrinja.

Stay tuned for details of opening celebration with artists, Indigenous Welcome to Country and other events.

Image: Mary James  'Desert Colours', acrylic on canvas (detail)



24 JUN - 23 JUL


Burrinja Gallery

The Language of Flowers:
A Common Thread

Jessie Yvette Journoud-Ryan | Michele Fountain | Amy Duncan 

Delve into the wonderful world of the floral with this beautiful exhibition of work by local artists Jessie Yvette Journoud-Ryan, Michele Fountain and Amy Duncan. The exhibition celebrates flowers and botanical forms through a range of mediums including sculpture, oil painting, textile and printmaking. As a collection, the works weave a playful reflection on the language of flowers, the result of experimentation and collaboration between the artists and their different individual techniques.

Michele Fountain



29 JUL - 3 SEP


Burrinja Gallery

Mater Christi College Arts Show

The annual showcase of artwork produced by students of Mater Christi College in Belgrave during Semester 1. The variety of techniques and skills on display reflects personal interests and stages of development in drawing, painting, printing, digital media, photography and model making. These artworks come from a range of Visual Arts subjects including: Years 7 - 10 Art, Years 9 & 10 Graphic Design, Year 11 Studio Arts and Years 11 & 12 Visual Communication Design.


9 SEPT – 5 NOV


Burrinja Gallery

Frank Hodgkinson: Sense of Place

Frank Hodgkinson (1919-2001) was one of Australia’s foremost abstract painters and artists. He was drawn to the Australian landscape in general and Aboriginal culture in particular in all its manifestations.

His curiosity with Aboriginal art and culture called him to the Top End for long periods of time throughout since the 1980s. Arnhemland especially made a deep impression on him, and he returned several times to this spirited country.

Hodgkinson subsequently authored ‘Kakadu and the Arnhem Landers’, one of three diaries (‘Paris Sketchbook’ and ‘Sepik Diary’ being the others) in which he illustrated his hand written text with detailed sketches and washes.

Sense of Place will present original sketches and excerpt of this diary together with a selection of larger paintings, which show the artist as an observer exploring the spiritual connections to country and people as Hodgkinson poses on the most central of human questions: Where do we come from?

“Frank Hodgkinson is a prodigy. He is a man so various that he hardly gives you time to focus on any single one talent. He is a painter, a sculptor, an architect, a designer of habitats and ambiences. His creative energy is enormous. His curiosity is at once that of a child and a mature philosopher trying to make sense of the cosmos over which he has ranged with hunger and delight”  -  Morris West.   

Frank Hodgkinson
Portrait of Nipper Kaparigi- Landscape of the Indigenous Mind  (detail)


11NOV 2017  – 28 JAN 2018   


Burrinja Gallery

Burrinja Climate Change Biennale #2   

Be moved by the artwork and be part of the conversation with the second Burrinja Climate Change Biennale.

Committed to artwork engaging the challenges of climate change, the second Burrinja Climate Change Biennale invites artists of diverse disciplines from all over Australia to submit artwork for this important exhibition and major acquisitive art award.

Audiences are invited to be part of the conversation with ongoing interactive social media and art-making activities in the gallery. A focus of the biennale is tracking critical discussion and cultural conversation around the issues of climate change today and into our future. By revisiting the theme via a biennial acquisitive award exhibition, Burrinja is building a valuable historic archive of artists’ reflections on the shifting cultural responses to climate change. #BurrinjaClimateChangeBiennale

I've never seen vulnerability depicted so well. Without an expression or words… The message comes through so clearly!” -  Melissa Wells (Biennale Patron)


2015 BCCB winner Joy Serwylo,
'At this point of time, it appears that we have not yet established a plan "B" '
mixed media, 2015

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