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Burrinja Kids Stay and Play

Amy Laker Bruni
Rainbow Rain and Mythical Creatures

Amy Laker Bruni is a Resident Artist at Leaf Studios, Kallista and creator & designer of label Lillbeart.

Amy’s motto is, “Life is all about having FUN…”
And laughing. Dreaming. Exploring. Feeling. Creating. Experimenting. Challenging. Enjoying.

"As adults sometimes those moments are far and few between, and it is not until we have children come into our lives that we remember how to simply be and feel the purity of life again. Those fleeting moments of joy and delight or the capacity to envelope oneself in sensation allows the connection to our inner child, or for the young to express on an emotional level how visually and textually their senses are stimulated.

My leaf rainbow with rainbow rain aims for you to discover the fun of immersing yourself in a hyperreal magical place. Walk through, run through, pause in the middle, close your eyes, run your hands around, feel the ‘rain’ on your face." Amy Laker Bruni


BEV - Children's Art Classes term1


Term 2
Tuesdays from 9 May
Thursdays from 4 May




5 sessions $80.

Creative Rainbow Soul Art Classes

Week 1-Mother’s Day activity Miniature portrait in porcelain frames, necklace or bracelet
Week 2-
Mother’s Day activity Decorated boxes and Cards
Week 3-
Leafy Creatures Prints Printing Autumn Leaves
Week 4-
Fantasy Trees. What would it look like if a tree could be other things? A cubby? A house?  What could grow on the tree if you let your imagination go?
Week 5-
Moulded 3D Faces Collage -in cardboard frames

Empowering your child to tap into their inner creativity 

Ages 6-12 years

Inquiries : Bev 0449 654 343 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook // www.creativerainbowsoul.com.au

BEV - July Holidays Kids Art


July Holidays




Classes $22
Early bird by 30th June $18

Creative Rainbow Soul July Holiday Program

Tues 4th July
Draw Fantasy Tree Houses.  Fun with mixed media.
Canvas Painted Landscape with Screen printed silhouettes.

Wed 5th July 
Leafy creature Prints.  Print Leaves, turn into animals.
Sewing - Shoulder Bags and Decorate a Fabric Pencil Case (7 + yrs).

Thurs 6th July 
Pet Watercolour Painting.  Bring a photo of your pet.
Make a 3D House with Miniature People.  Collage and construction.

Empowering your child to tap into their inner creativity 

Ages 6-12 years

Bookings: Bev 0449 654 343 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook // www.creativerainbowsoul.com.au

Burrinja Arties

Burrinja Arties

The Burrinja Arties are a group of local people mostly living in supported residential accommodation who meet weekly with Creative Arts therapist Lynette Forrest to produce unique artworks that tell their story. The program is designed to help expand social support for those who are ‘at risk of homelessness’.

These sessions are the highlight of the artists’ week and their annual exhibition gives the group and the works they create visibility and recognition in the community. It is an arts-based skills and learning program with an emphasis on active cultural participation that enriches understandings of community and culture, while teaching art techniques and socialisation skills.

This year the Arties have tackled the concept of ‘A Whisper and Flutter, and the Butterfly Effect. This has been through both performance and visual art making and exhibiting. The ‘Butterfly Ball’ was a full participatory event held in July 2015 with the Arties hosting many others with songs, performances, dance and most of all, fun! From there, they continued to work with mentor artists toward their exhibition 'A Whisper and a Flutter' in October 2015.

A feature article on the Arties in the Foothills publication clearly made the connection between this program and positive outcomes for mental well-being. The program ‘challenges the participants to take positive risks by trying new activities, learning with artist mentors, exhibiting, performing, and more!
- LYNETTE FORREST | Creative Arts Therapist

Program Funding provided by the Department of Health.



Burrinja Circus festival 2015

Saturday 27 June – Sunday 5 July

All Classes $25
Shows $15 - $20
Festival Package $52includes LEFT
+ 2 other shows or workshops
purchase via box office only 9754 8723

Burrinja Circus Festival

Saturday 27 June – Sunday 5 July
Nine days of circus fun for everyone!

See the full Festival Program here.

Workshops with Ruccis!

Learn amazing skills and tricks with the Ruccis Circus Team!

Image: Tania Pendelbury

Image: David Wyatt

Circus All Sorts
This class covers a huge range of skills: juggling, acro-balance, trapeze, silks, tumbling, hula-hoops and more! If you’re looking for a taste of all things circus, this is the class for you.
Mon 29 June, 10 am – 11:30am  (3-5 year olds)
Mon 29 June, 12noon – 2pm (5-8year olds)
Thurs 2 July, 12noon – 2pm (5-8 year olds)

Circus Aerials
This class gets you up in the air! Learn to climb, spin, wrap and fling yourself in circus style. The skills covered include trapeze, silks, aerial ring, cloud-swing and hammock.
Mon 29 June 2pm – 4pm (7-12 year olds)
Thurs 2 July 2pm - 4pm (5- 8 year olds)

Fun With Stilts
Become a giant! This class teaches students how to master the art of stilt walking.
Tues 30 June 10am – noon (all ages)
Weds 1 July 2:30pm -4:30pm (all ages)
* A parent helper is required for each student.
*you will need to wear closed toe shoes

Tightrope and Globe Walking
Find the perfect balance. In this class you will learn the technique for walking the tightrope and balancing on a giant ball!
Tues 30 June 12:30 – 2:30pm (all ages)
Weds 1 July  12:30 – 2:30pm (all ages)
* A parent helper is required for each student.

Circus Tumbling
For stuntmen and stuntwomen in the making! This workshop will teach you to roll, flip and fly through the air; covering rolls, cartwheels, handstands and basic mini-tramp.
Weds 1 July 10:30 – 12noon (5-8year olds)

Circus Buddies 
This parent and child class uses partner activities to explore the circus arts: trapeze, tumbling, juggling and more! A unique way of family bonding that promotes physical activity and improves co-ordination.
Thurs 2 July  10am – 11:30am (3-5 year olds)
* A parent helper is required for each student.


Burrinja Circus Festival Shows!

Extraordinary circus experience for the whole family!

Image: Robert Blackburn
Winner of the 2014 Melbourne Fringe People’s Choice Award, LEFT is a breathtaking, risk-taking, heartbreaking circus. Joyous, funny, heart-wrenching and awe-inspiring, a show all about the importance of community, what it takes to build them and what happens when someone suddenly leaves or is lost.
Show deals with issues of loss and grief,  suitable for all ages
Sat 4 July, 6:30pm
All tickets $20, Concession/Jarmbi $16,  Family 4+ $16ea
More info

Dream Big

Settle in and get comfortable as the students of Ruccis take you on a journey through the land of dreams.
Saturday 27 June, 6:30pm (students who train on Tues & Wed)
Sunday 28 June, 6:30pm (Students who train on Thurs & Sat)
Adult $20. Concession/Jarmbi $16
More info

Lucid is a student produced cabaret of contemporary circus arts including aerial silks, hand balancing, walking globe and much much more!
Sunday 5 July, 2pm
Adult $20. Concession/Jarmbi $16
More info

Roll up Roll up! Run away to the circus with this fun and physical show by Solid State Circus performer Luth Wolff!
With Hula-Hoops, Unicycle, Magic and Spinning Plates Luth takes children aged  3 – 5 on a madcap circus adventure, with plenty of help from the audience!
Friday 3 July, 10:30am  (45 minute duration)
All tickets $15 (Ideal for children 3-5 years old)
More info

Burrinja Kids - Stay and Play Page

Burrinja Kids - Stay and Play

Burrinja Kids - Stay and Play!

Burrinja aims to be a welcoming environment for families to engage with the arts in a practical and affordable way, throughout the year. Developed by Burrinja in collaboration with local artists, ‘Burrinja Kids… Stay and Play!’ is an exciting initiative that invites children and families to engage with art through a range of hands-on activities. The program celebrates the Burrinja exhibition program by creating interactive avenues to ignite the imagination and creativity of our young patrons.

A quarterly rotation of family focused activities inspired by the Burrinja main gallery exhibition program will be made available in the Burrinja foyer between usual opening hours, Tuesday to Sunday 10.00am to 4.00pm.



Contents Under Pressure


16 May - 28 June


Burrinja Gallery

Contents Under Pressure:
Stencil Art in Australia from 2003 - 2010

The last decade saw the rise of a new art form as thousands of aerosol based stencil paintings appeared in Melbourne’s laneways. Melbourne became known as ‘stencil capital’. Before long stencil art evolved and moved from the street into the gallery.

Showcasing over 200 works from private collections by key artists including Psalm, Phibs, Haha, Meek, Meggs, Rone, Ghostpatrol, Satta among others this exhibition presents the formative period of one of Australia’s most dynamic art movements.

Curated by JD Mittmann, director of the Melbourne Stencil Festival 2004 - 2008.

During the exhibition come along to Guided Tours with Melbourne Stencil Festival director JD Mittmann, join local artists Hugo Racz, Amy Middleton and Brit Westaway creating murals and stencils in Burrinja's Studio 5 and engage with Jacqui Grace's Kids Corner activities.

Stencil Poster Competition

Burrinja invites everyone to create their own stencils posters - print out the poster template here or pick one up at the show, photocopy it, enlarge it, reduce it and repeat it however you like, put your stencil on it and post it up!
Share photos of your finished poster on Instagram with the hashtag #burrinjastencilexhibition
Send us a photo of your pasted poster to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the best poster /location will win a copy of ‘Bomb It! Street Art is Revolution’ directed by filmmaker Jon Reiss.

More Info

eco-printing for self reflection

9th September
11th November

10AM - 4PM

Single workshop:
$110 each for you & a friend

Four Seasons Experience:
$400 each for you & a friend

Online here

Burrinja Black Box

Eco-printing for Self-Reflection:
Create Your Own Wisdom Cards

This is a chance to slow down to a pace of living that invites an attending to the smaller details of our human and more than human realities. In eco-printing we attend to sensory experiences gifted by the natural world and in doing so we begin to glimpse our interior and exterior ecosystems and their inhabitants.

These workshops can be attended as one day experiences or attended as a series of four to develop a record of the richness of a year’s reflection and inquiry. Spanning the year, the series offers the opportunity for an immersion into unfolding of the themes, curiosities and wisdom that are present in our lives. This is a beautiful way to enact a self –care practice and develop a useful body of reflective art.

In each one-day workshop, we will engage with reflective arts processes as we experiment with eco-printing on cotton-rag paper and craft our own wisdom decks.

We will eco-print onto multiple strips of paper, experimenting with leaves, metal, heat and various dye pots.  Along the way we will spend some time in small groups, condensing our questions, curiosity and personal and collective wisdom onto cards to take home.  We’ll unbundle our paper together, engage in movement and somatic exercises as a way of listening to what our body has to say (all optional of course), and have a ‘lucky dip’ at the end.

More info contact Jacqui Grace: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Helen Pallikaros: Within, without


12 June - 12 July


Jarmbi Gallery

Helen Pallikaros: Within, without

Burrinja City of Dandenong's Walker St Gallery She…2014 Award winner Helen Pallikaros’ solo exhibition Within, without showcases a body of her work developed over the past five years. From fleeting moments of sculptural encounter to deeper engagements with image, form and materiality, Pallikaros investigates the realm of body and the psychological landscape.

In her practice Pallikaros uses drawing, collage, sculpture, performance and photography to consider the relationship between the human emotive and psychological conditions and our animalistic, primal origins.


Kids Stay and Play - Tam McLeish



August - October 2016


Burrinja Foyer

Burrinja Kids Stay and Play

Created by Tamara McLeish of ArtTreeCreations

We all love colour & our 3 beautiful animal friends need your help. During the cold winter season they have all lost thier colour, spring is coming & they want to get their colourful bodies back. Colour makes us happy, it can influence our day & can make us creative.

Choose a feather or a scale from the picture (they are attached with velcro) make it as colourful as possible & add a little design to personalise it. Pop it back onto the picture then invite your friends to help out with the rest.


Orly Faye: The Gaia Collection


8 May - 7 June


Jarmbi Gallery

Orly Faya : The Gaia Collection

Orly Faya is an Australian born, International artist and traveller of twelve years who has delved deeply into the realm of mimetism within body painting and photography over the last 18 months.

Painting human bodies into the various landscapes around the globe, Orly's message is clear: We came from the earth, are of the earth, and will return to the earth. It is time to remember who we are and recognise the importance of honouring our harmonious existence.

Orly's debut exhibition is a celebration of creation itself, sharing the stories of the artworks, organic collaborations with Mother Earth in all her spontaneous glory and the people who stand to merge, their strength and determination within intensity beyond explanation. You are invited to share this special debut occasion and take the opportunity to connect with Orly's unique pieces, presented to a live audience for the first time ever. 

Exhibition opening Saturday 9 May at 2pm

Creation's Calling -Collaborating for Sustainability
Friday 22 May at 7pm

An evening of celebrating humanity's connection to the earth through creative expression.

Kevisato Duncan Sanyü Meyasetsu from The Wilderness Society sharing the amazing work they do and why they do it...

Liana Perillo on the Harp, Bloodwood - Elle Plume Reika Sroyphet & Cassie, + more Local Acts from the Dandenong!

LIVE BODY PAINTING - Orly Faya Snir and Serra Stone

Marija Heart ♥, Shoshana Sadia, Justine Walsh, Orly Faya, AND MORE...!

Chick here for more info on The Gaia project


Renate Crow- Stay and Play




Burrinja Foyer

Skin Side Out. Renate Crow

Burrinja Kids Stay and Play free family activity by local artist Renate Crow

You are invited to look at some shapes we make with our bodies. Where does that bit go in between when we connect with someone, when we thumb wrestle or Hi five. That bit in between, see inside this hidden place imprinted on silicone pieces, look closely at the textures.

What patterns do our bodies have, match up the pieces, where are they from. See if you can find the belly button!

Capture yourself, what impression will you leave in the sand?

Draw your hand shape on the community canvas and see how many we get in 3 months. 
(Parents are encouraged to photograph the impressions in the sand and canvas to take home.)

More about Burrinja Kids - Stay and Play


Rockabilbies music classes


Term 2
Tuesdays 18 Apr - 37 Jun
Fridays 21 Apr - 30 Jun
(No class 25 Apr or 2 Jun)


9:30am - 10:15am
10:30am - 11:15am


$140 (10 week term)
Siblings $8 per class if over 8 months. Siblings under 8 months FREE.
Original CD included


Burrinja Black Box


RockaBilbies is an original music class for little rockers.

We jam, play drums, dance, sing and act to original songs. We use percussion, ribbons, scarves, puppets, and a parachute to learn about the musical elements - beat, pitch, tempo and dynamics. Kristy plays the guitar and sings songs about letters, numbers, animals, songs for early learning development and songs just for fun.

Kristy is a musician/songwriter and an experienced primary school teacher, having taught as a classroom teacher and a music and drama specialist.

The classes are mixed-age for families, thus catering for different abilities and providing an opportunity for younger children to learn from the older ones. Classes are approximately 45 minutes long and include varied and short activities to keep the little ones entertained. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere, allowing children to participate at their own level and in their own time.

At RockaBilbies we have a lot of fun, build confidence, spark creativity and develop an ongoing love for music. Original and engaging songs create a unique environment that can be enjoyed by the parent or carer just as much as the child.
Babies, toddlers, preschoolers with parent/carer participation.

Bookings via Kristy: 0415 288 811 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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