Burrinja Privacy Policy


To provide guidelines regarding the collection, storage and use of personal information of customers and users of Burrinja Community Cultural Centre.


Burrinja will ensure:

• that data collection adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles 2014 which amends the Privacy Act 1988

• establish clear guidelines in the collection and use of personal data ensure that the privacy of all is safeguarded


The policy can only be altered by the Board

The procedures can only be altered by the Executive Director

The Venue Manager is responsible for implementing the procedures and ensuring that all staff, volunteers and participants are aware of the policy and procedures.


How is personal information collected and stored?

Customers are able to purchase tickets by telephone, on-line or in person at the Box Office. Collection of personal data will take place at the time of purchase, if you request marketing material to be sent to you or when you join our email mailing list through our website or in the venue.

We will make every attempt to inform you that we are collecting your personal details, why we are collecting and how it will be used.

What information will be collected and why?

When you purchase tickets or make a booking at Burrinja we need to collect personal information about you. The information that we will collect includes your name, address, telephone number and where applicable your credit card details.

For children attending workshops organised by Burrinja their parent/guardian will be asked to provide date of birth details, emergency contact details, details of any allergies medical conditions that may impact the child whilst in the class. These details are destroyed at the end of the session or term.

We collect this information so that we can charge you for your tickets, trace your booking should you lose your tickets or have a query about your booking, inform you of any changes or cancellations to the program. Credit Card details will not be kept by Burrinja, once they have been used for the agreed transaction. All credit card details will be destroyed responsibly.

Who will use your personal information?

Burrinja will not sell, rent or trade personal information about you to or with any third parties. When you make a transaction with Burrinja you will be asked if you would like to receive marketing material from us in the future. You will also be asked if you consent to have your name and address passed onto the promoter or performer you have booked tickets for. Occasionally promoters request the details of people that have come to see their performances/exhibitions so that they may provide you with promotional material about their future events. Information will only be passed on to the promoters if assurances are made in writing that information will only be used for the purpose specified and will be protected under privacy standards similar to those set down in the State of Victoria.

Personal information may be used to inform you of any selected special offers made to Burrinja’s customers by our sponsors. Any such promotions will always come via Burrinja.

As a registered charity, Burrinja is exempt from the SPAM Act 2003. Any commercial electronic messages it sends are exempt from the Act’s consent and unsubscribe conditions if, and only if, the messages relate to goods or services supplied by Burrinja. Burrinja must however comply with the identity condition of the Act.

You can at any time unsubscribe from receiving marketing communications from Burrinja by following the unsubscribe link on emails or notifying Burrinja in person or in writing.

Security of Personal Information

As a condition of their employment all staff and volunteers are required to maintain confidentiality of all personal information. All staff are given training on the safe collection and storage of personal data.

All personal data collected by Burrinja is protected and stored in a secure environment, both electronically and physically. Data is not accessible to public or third parties. All reasonable and best practice precautions are taken to protect data storage. Written and electronic data is destroyed securely.

All documents containing personal information will be password protected in line with internal procedures.

Anonymous Transactions

Only when booking in person at the box office can you request that no personal information is collected. This will mean that in the event of any changes or cancellations of the program Burrinja will not be able to notify you.

Access and Correction

Burrinja strives to ensure that all personal information stored is accurate. Under the Privacy Act you have the right to request access to information that Burrinja holds about you and to request that any inaccuracies are corrected.

Burrinja will publish its Privacy Policy and Procedures on its website. Burrinja’s Privacy Policy and Procedures is available on request.

If you wish to access the personal information Burrinja holds about you a written request will need to be made. We cannot provide this information over the telephone or electronically. We will need to verify your identity so please enclose a copy of your identification i.e a driver’s license or passport. This will be returned to you once your identity has been verified. It is impracticable for Burrinja to deal with individual requests for information to persons who have not identified themselves or have used a pseudonym.

Burrinja reserves the right to refuse access for reasons set out in the Privacy Act sub clause 12.3. Burrinja will notify you in writing its reason for refusal.

Burrinja does not make a charge to access your records. However if any third party charges are to be made you will be notified of these prior to us providing you with access. If you wish to discuss our method of providing you with access please contact our Privacy Officer with your query.

If you wish to change personal information about you that is incorrect or out of date, please contact our Privacy Officer on the address below with your request. All requests will for access or correction will be considered within 21 days

Contact details for the Privacy Officer:

Privacy Officer

351 Glenfern Road
Upwey 3158
Telephone: 9754 1509

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In person: At Burrinja, Cnr. of Glenfern Road and Matson Drive, Upwey, 3158

If you believe that we have not dealt with your personal information in a manner that complies with the Privacy Act you can direct your concerns in writing to:

Executive Director

351 Glenfern Road
Upwey 3158

The Executive Director will review your concerns/complaint and issue a formal response to you with 21 days of receiving your correspondence. Should you be unsatisfied with the response you can request in writing that your concerns/complaint is forwarded for consideration at the next scheduled meeting of the Board. The President of the Board will respond in writing within 21 days of this meeting.

Review of Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy will be reviewed and updated annually by the Privacy Officer.

This policy was last updated in April 2019.