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Burrinja Presents

The Planets | Inventi Ensemble

Sat 27 Aug @ 1.30pm | Burrinja Theatre

Come on a journey to outer space with Inventi Ensemble! In this ground-breaking new arrangement of Holst’s The Planets by Glynn Davies, the ensemble takes this work to a whole new level through this virtuosic writing for just five players. In addition, this work is partnered by a new composition, From Inner Space by Australian composer Johannes Luebbers commissioned by Inventi for this project.

In true Inventi style, the ensemble has also delved into a new multi-disciplinary arts collaboration by incorporating new animations by Melbourne-based digital artist, James Josep hides that have been inspired by the music. This is an immersive experience guaranteed to provide our audience with an out of this world experience!


Tickets - $24 - 29

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction



Burrinja & Regional Arts Victoria presents

Peaceful Piano with Nat Bartsch & Luke Howard

Sun 28 Aug @ 3.00pm | Burrinja Theatre

A double-bill tour featuring Australia's foremost neoclassical pianist/composers.

Luke Howard and Nat Bartsch are at the forefront of the growing neoclassical piano movement in Australia. Drawing from classical, electronic, film, minimalism and jazz influences, their beautiful music has had a powerful impact on people from all walks of life, connecting with audiences worldwide and being streamed online over 50 million times!

For this special double bill tour, Luke and Nat will each perform a set of their music, joining forces at the end for a special collaboration that blurs the lines of composition and improvisation, acoustic and electronic.

Coinciding with the release of new music by both artists, Peaceful Piano is a unique event tailored to all music lovers – classical or otherwise. 

Tickets ~ $19 - $39

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction


Burrinja Presents

The WACKY Lolly Shooting MACHINE

Mon 19 Sep @ 11.00pm | Theatre

This one hour workshop is perfect for budding inventors that love building stuff. Working as a team, we will create a chain reaction machine out of recycled materials.

Tickets - $15

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction


Burrinja Presents


Wed 21 Sep @ 1.00pm | Theatre

An engaging family show during the school holidays that’s a little quirky.  Whalebone will inspire the minds of young aspiring inventors, everyone who loves stories, surprises and wonders and is perfect for kids aged 7-12 years.

WHALEBONE talks about the importance of stories while humankind faces new challenges  in a  world of rising Artificial Intelligence and an ever inflating throwaway culture. 

WHALEBONE is a visual show full of contraptions, exciting and gorgeous video animations, flying objects and the world’s first half human juggling machine.


Tickets ~ $20

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction


Burrinja Presents

Forgotten Heroes ~ Stories and Songs from Hills Vietnam Veterans

Sat 24 Sep @ 7.30pm | Lyre Room

You’re all here for ANZAC Day, but what do people understand about Vietnam Veterans? We’re the Forgotten Heroes’ Roger Boness, Past President Mt Evelyn RSL

‘And during our rock & roll war our country forgot what they sent us for’ Forgotten Heroes song

A generation of Diggers, many conscripted through National Service, waited 12 years until a 1987 National Welcome Home Parade. Recognition of Veterans’ needs and rights, is a battle continuing to this day.

Inspired by round table conversations at local RSLs,  Forgotten Heroes ensemble proudly presents a poignant, visceral and sometimes funny live performance. 

Yarra Ranges Vietnam Veterans are live guests on stage, sharing some of their own tales, including Darryl and the exploding latrine, and what happened when Roger hung his hammock over a snake’s hole. The show shines a spotlight on how Veterans also rebuilt their lives.

Host Stephen Hall (Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell), singer Carl Pannuzzo (Checkerboard Lounge) and the Forgotten Heroes band, bring original songs and stories, as well as curated 70s tunes from the generation who really meant it when they sang ‘We Gotta Get Out of this Place’. Originating in 2018 as a Dandenong Ranges Music Council songwriting project, Forgotten Heroes has been developed by Artistic Director/ ASA award winning songwriter Cath Russell, in collaboration with celebrated Melbourne playwright Tes Lyssiotis.

The show also features 2 film vignettes created by the Forgotten Heroes ensemble in 2021, funded by Dept Vets Affairs. Archival footage is provided by the National Vietnam Veterans Museum, with additional material generously loaned by the Running Rabbit Military Museum at Upwey Belgrave RSL.

Proudly funded by Yarra Ranges Council

Welcoming  Veterans of any generation, those who know and love them and those who are new to their stories.


Tickets ~ $15 - $35

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction


Burrinja Presents

Escape from Trash Mountain

Wed 28 Sep @ 11.00am | Burrinja Theatre

An epic tale of trashy proportions!

A puppet show with sustainability at its heart, Escape from Trash Mountain is a poignant look at how good relationships and fervent optimism are the key to saving our planet. Watch in amazement as a large mountain of trash transforms into a cave and becomes the epic playground for our heroes to fight trash bats, navigate treacherous ravines and outwit hideous trash monsters!

Children of all ages will be captivated as two performers operate 17 different puppets and a transforming trash mountain to bring the show to life. Escape From Trash Mountain is fun for the whole family!

Tickets ~ $20

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction


Burrinja Presents

Puppet Making workshop

Wed 28 Sep @ 12.30pm | Lyre Room

Learn about sustainability and the magic of puppetry as you make your very own handmade puppet!

Tickets ~ $15

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction



Burrinja +Big Anxiety Festival Melbourne presents

Sincerley Survivor ~ The Dance Film

Tue 4 Oct @ 7.30pm | Burrinja Theatre

Dancers take on the role of pilgrims, exploring asylums of old.

Grace Dance Company presents Sincerely Survivor the Dance Film at The Big Anxiety Festival 2022, exploring an arts-based research enquiry into the mental health system and its need for reform.

Co-produced as an informal response to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, Sincerely Survivor amplifies the voices of people who have lived experience of mental health challenges; creating art to enable our empathy. Winning the Best Emerging Performance Ensemble Award at Melbourne Fringe in 2020, Sincerely Survivor re-humanises the experience of ‘mental illness’ and institutionalisation; recognising the strength of those who share stories of survival.

Come join a not-to-be-missed opportunity to listen to the stories of mental health Survivors and reflect on what the future of the mental health system could be.

Tickets ~ $20

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction



Burrinja presents


Thu 13 Oct @ 7.30pm | Burrinja Theatre

A dystopian cyberpunk world in the not-too-distant future. Gangs overrun the neon-clad streets, the outcasts rule the pitch-black forgotten ruins of an old district. There is chaos, there is danger in the shadows. There is a Showdown happening downtown; a lone wanderer stumbles amongst a crew of meta-human misfits, the Barbaroi.

Will they have what it takes to be one of them?

This is do or die, this is their initiation. Inspired by a world of shadows where anything goes and the gritty underbelly of society, Barbaroi is a blend of high-octane circus, cabaret theatre. Complimented by finely tuned lighting and soundtrack, this show will lead audiences down the rabbit-hole and asking, ‘Who are the Barbaroi?

Tickets ~ $19 - $39

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction



burrinja presents

Burrinja in Motion

Thu 17 - Sat 19 Nov | Burrinja

A three day mini festival of dance, featuring live performance, film screenings, interactive workshops, dancing in the dark, exhibitions and a curated food experience.

For three days in November, Burrinja comes alive with the dancing body: in motion, sensing, in action and in place.

The human body articulates quite unlike any other form of communication. From the purely physical to the playful, the abstract to the absurd, the gestural to the pedestrian, the body in motion has the capacity to communicate things we ourselves do not know yet.

Through live, screen, stage and sensory mediums, Burrinja moves is a fascinating look at the power and potential of the dancing body.

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Burrinja Presents

Twilight Cinema Scores | Maroondah Symphony Orchestra

Fri 25 Nov @ 7.30PM | The Park at Burrinja

Relax on the lawn to the lush sounds of Maroondah Symphony Orchestra playing well-known classical works which famous movie soundtracks were based. Experience an emotional gamut as the music takes you from despair through magical mystery, from fun to triumphant glory.

Tickets ~ $24 - 29

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction

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