Art at Burrinja

Image: "Coral Garden", Ches Mills, Acrylic, ink and gouache on linen

Aquatic Realms | Ches Mills

Sat 31 Jul - extended to Sat 9 Oct | Burrinja Gallery

These paintings were triggered by my awe and wonder of our oceans, their fascinating shorelines, cliffs and glorious coral reefs that as a result of global warming are being compromised. In these paintings, I hoped to portray the beauty, intricacies, diversity, complexities, atmospheres  and interconnectivity of our ocean environs and in doing so, the urgent need for action to be taken to protect them. (Ches Mills)

Alice "How long is forever?"
White Rabbit  "Sometimes just one second". 
Alice's adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll 

Gallery hours ~ Wed to Sat | 10am - 4pm

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Image: Joy Serwylo 

of the infinite possibilities of reconstruction | Joy Serwlyo

Sat 31 Jul - extended to Sat 9 Oct | Burrinja Gallery

After a pandemic and a super storm, the bushfires that ravaged Victoria and NSW seem to have paled into legend. Yet we welcome each new year with an uneasy awareness that it is bushfire season. Again. However, the destruction is always followed by breathtaking regeneration. New green shoots, rebuilt homes, rallying community.

Here is a saga of deconstructed books and burnt fabric, reconstructed into a story of renewal. (Joy Serwylo)

Gallery hours ~ Wed to Sat | 10am - 4pm

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Image: Rona Green, “Wayno and Bazza” 2018, hand coloured linocut 32 x 50 cm

Some they do and some they don't and some you just can't tell | Rona Green

Sat 31 Jul -  extended to Sat 9 Oct | Burrinja Gallery

Rona Green’s fanciful hand coloured linocut prints of anthropomorphised native and introduced animals explore ideas about the nature of individuality. In particular the artist is interested in the body and its potential to be the stem point for transformation.

Gallery hours ~ Wed to Sat | 10am - 4pm

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aerie creative ecology

WORKSHOP #3 ~ Writing about process with Dr. Nancy Langham-Hooper

Sat 30 Oct 10:30am | Burrinja Outside

Writing about art, a visual and visceral medium, can sometimes be difficult. As an artist, writing about yourself or your own work can be even more challenging. In this workshop for practicing artists, you will learn how art historians analyse a work of art, how to describe your own work in different contexts, and how to describe and market yourself as an artist. We will explore how creative process and biographical detail can deepen audience engagement, as well as how to write for specific occasions, such as gallery exhibitions, media releases or competitions.

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Burrinja Enhanced presents

Art After Dark

Art After Dark returns for a late night summer sojourn

Fri 5 Nov 7.00pm | The Lyre Room

Join us for an enhanced experience of our current exhibitions, with curated art, music, film and food experiences.

As summer approaches, longer days call for hotter art, and Burrrinja has you covered.

Full line up to be released soon.

Tickets - $20 ~ tickets on sale soon

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Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction

Upwey Community Group & Burrinja Presents

The Upwey Archies 2021

On display from Saturday 6 November | Upwey Main Street

Bringing together the creative voices and vision of our community, this project is a celebration of the people of Upwey. Inspired by the Archibald Prize and ‘Not The Archies’, the Upwey Archies is a community portrait project.


How and when you can return your completed Upwey Archie artwork

1. Complete your artwork description HERE

2. Ensure your artwork is ready for returning by completing the information slip on the back of the board and that your board is dry (we cannot accept any wet artworks)

3. Register your return time slot HERE

4. Go to the drop-off point at your allotted time, there will be a staffed table with Upwey Archies / Upwey Community Group signage set up outside the Upwey Township Hall (opposite the skatepark). If it rains we will put up a marquee. Covid check in and sanitising applies.

The drop off times available (pending Phase B restrictions easing):

Thursday 28 October 4.30 - 600
Friday 29 October 4.30 - 6.00
Saturday 30 October 10.30 - 12.00


Due to restrictions, we have had to shift the dates. The Upwey Archies will be exhibited in the Main street from Saturday 6 November (pending Phase C restrictions easing) and closing Wednesday 24 November. We are currently considering our options in regards to the safest way to present an award ceremony, but there will be no launch celebration.


2022 Dandenong Ranges Open Studios

Open Studios Weekend | Sat & Sun, April 2 + 3

Group Exhibition 17 March to 10 April | Burrinja Gallery

Come and explore the secrets of the Dandenong Range’s with this creative and inspiring cultural experience. The Dandenong Ranges Open Studios takes you down the fern lined lanes of the hills to discover a selection of the most intriguing studios. Explore and connect with artists, ignite your creative imagination and step into the hidden gems, curious constructions and awe inspiring spaces of the artists’ creative environments.

Visit the exhibition at the Burrinja Gallery and select the studios that most intrigue or inspire you. You will have the unique opportunity to purchase artwork and hand crafted items directly from the artists, informed by new insight into their creative world.

Dandenong Ranges Open Studios is the biggest creative 'Open Door' of the region.

Visit studios between 10am and 5pm during the Open Weekend.

For more details about the Artists & the Studios click here

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