To keep our community safe Burrinja’s public spaces are currently closed to public visitation.

All our events running as advertised unless otherwise stated.

We are managing the current COVID situation with care, and ensuring that all patrons are cared for: including increased cleaning, distancing and sanitisation at the venue.

For any enquiries please call us on 03 9754 8723 or email belong@burrinja.org.au

Art at Burrinja

Burrinja Presents

For the love of trees

Dec 4, 2021 to Mar 5, 2022 | Burrinja Gallery & aerie creative ecology

Please note the exhibition is currently closed to the public

Burrinja’s creative response to the devastating June storm event.

Just as I am bound to you by breath every creature lives in a weave of intimate interconnection. There are no individuals in the forest, life begins and ends in community.” David Haskell (Author)

The forests of the Dandenong Ranges are intimately woven into the threads of our lives, our community. “For the Love of Trees” delves deeply into this myriad of experiences, reminiscences and imaginings. Into the past, present and future of the forest that surrounds us. It is at once an immersive art experience, a curated exhibition and an invitation to participate.

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Burrinja Presents:

SHIFT ~ Dandenong Ranges Open Studios Group Exhibition

Mar 18 to Apr 10 | Burrinja Gallery

The annual Open Studios group exhibition is designed to produce a cohesive and diverse range of artwork to showcase the creative energy and skill of each artist. This year’s theme is SHIFT. Our lives have been in a flux and we have had to shift to new places, whether it is a slight adjustment or a cataclysmic transference, we have vacillated, causing a recalibration of some kind. The artists of open studios have created a new work that moves to their personal SHIFT. 

Join us for the opening on Thursday 17th of March at 7pm

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2022 Dandenong Ranges Open Studios

Open Studios Weekend | Sat & Sun, April 2 + 3

Come and explore the secrets of the Dandenong Range’s with this creative and inspiring cultural experience. The Dandenong Ranges Open Studios takes you down the fern lined lanes of the hills to discover a selection of the most intriguing studios. Explore and connect with artists, ignite your creative imagination and step into the hidden gems, curious constructions and awe inspiring spaces of the artists’ creative environments.

Visit the exhibition at the Burrinja Gallery and select the studios that most intrigue or inspire you. You will have the unique opportunity to purchase artwork and hand crafted items directly from the artists, informed by new insight into their creative world.

Dandenong Ranges Open Studios is the biggest creative 'Open Door' of the region.

Visit studios between 10am and 5pm during the Open Weekend.

For more details about the Artists & the Studios click here


Burrinja Presents:

Holding Pattern ~ Between here and tomorrow.

Thursday in April | Directly to your phone | FREE

Four contemporary artists are commissioned by Burrinja to make new digital works.

Whilst we often think about our sense of place being a physical thing – located in relation to an environment, what if we locate ourselves in time? In relationship with time. Of a time. That is to say, in relation with a past, present and future (which might not be chronological).

‘Between here and tomorrow’ asks artists to situate their work in between where we (as a community) find ourselves and where we are going. What will enable us to create the future we so rapidly need? What present urgencies needs to be addressed to build tomorrow?

‘Between here and tomorrow’ articulates a place of transition, of momentum, of desire, of feeling, of moving towards, of being both after and before a moment. With a 65, 000 year history of human habitation and care for this place, tomorrow is not so far away.

Holding pattern will see work created that explores the nature of change, the intermediate state. Through this, artists do what they are exceptional at: they will imagine a future.


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