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Sat 11 May - Sun 21 July | Burrinja Gallery


Image credit: Rona Green, Lucky LeVon, 2022, hand coloured, linocut, 57 x 76 cm (detail)


Galleries 01 & 02

Not Your Kitchen Lino

Burrinja Gallery presents a showcase of contemporary print-making with a special focus on lino print applications.

Featured are limited edition prints, artists books, scrolls and sculptures. The artists are:

Chris Lawry (Dandenong Ranges) • David Frazer (Goldfields) • Elizabeth Banfield (Dandenong Ranges) • Gwen Scott (Mornington Peninsula) • Jan Liesfield (Yarra Valley) • Karen Neal (Metropolitan) • Kat Parker (Goulburn region) • Kylie Watson (Dandenong Ranges) • Bronwyn Rees (Metropolitan) • Carolyn Vickers (Goldfields) • Peter Ward (Bellarine) • Rona Green (Dandenong Ranges)



Gallery 03

The Captain's Catch | Rew Hanks

In a series of intriguing, complex and detailed compositions, renowned Sydney-based printmaker and teacher Rew Hanks delivers a satirical take on colonial characters such as Captain James Cook, botanist Joseph Banks, explorer Major Thomas Mitchell, French emperor Napoleon and his wife Josephine.


Please join us for the Exhibition Launch: 2pm Sunday 12 May – everyone welcome.

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Image credit: Rew Hanks, Fish between the flags, 2023, hand coloured linocut, edition of 8 + 2AP, 75 x 106 cm.


Burrinja presents

Public Programming ~ LINO 2024

Sat 18 May & Sat 13 July | Burrinja


Image credit: Chris Lawry, photo by Cathy Ronalds, 2023


Chris Lawry Hand Printing Demonstration

Sat 18 May, 2-3 pm | Burrinja Gallery Air-lock

Chris Lawry delivers an introduction to lino printing techniques, tools required, paper and editioning, and provides a hand print demo.

Everything you need to know to start your own lino print.


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Introduction to Linocut Printmaking with Rona Green

SOLD OUT Sat 13 July 10am – 4pm | Arts Workshop 

SECOND WORKSHOP ADDED: Sat 20 July 10am – 4pm | Arts Workshop

During this one-day workshop run by Rona Green, you will be shown step-by-step all you need to know about the fundamentals of linocut printmaking. This includes preparation and testing, how to cut a linoleum block and how to print a linocut by hand (onto rice paper using a baren). Gain solid knowledge about materials, tools and techniques through the creation your own special set of linocut prints.

This comprehensive workshop is suitable for absolute beginners or those wanting to refine basic skills, ages 16 and up.

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Image credit: Abdesslam Sakini, acrylic on canvas, circa 2022, 300 x 300mm

aerie creative ecology presents

A Moroccan Modernist Retrospective | Abdesslam Sakini

Sat 25 May - Sun 7 Jul | aerie gallery

Abdesslam Sakini (born 1st Jan 1943) is a Moroccan Artist who was part of the Casablanca Art School during the period it revolutionised modern art in post-colonial Morocco. Sakini’s influences are evident in his paintings. Earlier works reference his teachers and colleagues at the Casablanca School of Art such as Mohamed Melehi and Mohammed Chabâa. Bold use of geometric shapes and abstract patterns create striking compositions on the canvas. Hard edged, architectural forms sit within symmetrical layouts. More recent works take on a less rigid aesthetic inspired by many years in the Australian landscape. These paintings feature flora and fauna recreated with an abstract colour palette that evokes the extremes of the Australian environment.

Please join us for the Exhibition Launch: 2pm Saturday 25 May – everyone welcome

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As part of the exhibition opening there will be a screening of the short film Si Moh - The Unlucky Man (French: Si Moh - Pas de Chance) | Directed by Moumen Smihi, starring Abdesslam Sakini.

Made in France in 1971, Si Moh is an investigation of the life of migrant workers in France. Connected back to the Maghreb by postcards and to his fellow migrants by shared experiences of alienation, the character Simoh negotiates the industrialized suburbs of Paris as the subject of Moumen Smihi’s intimate camera.

Sat 25 @ 2.45pm | Lyre Room

RSVP to the opening to attend the screening as well

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burrinja presents

Kaleidoscopic Dreamscapes | Elizabeth Gleeson

Stay n' Play

JUN - AUG (coming soon) | Burrinja Foyer

Kids will discover with delight the magic that occurs when imagery is reflected and repeated via a large, interactive kaleidoscope. Kids can select and change which images to place in the end of the kaleidoscope, then crank the handle to rotate and experience the visual magic unfolding together through the viewing portal.

Muralist and fine artist Elizabeth Gleeson, has built her art practice on this premise, herself delighted with the element of discovery occurring when imagery is reflected and repeated. Combining sprawling botanicals, motifs and vivid colours in consciously patterned arrangements, she creates works of serene symmetry and intricate beauty.

Instagram: @elizabeth.gleeson.artist


burrinja presents

Where Artists Meet (W.A.M.)

Thu 27 Jun @ 7.00pm | Fat Goat

Here’s your chance to get out, have some fun and talk shop with other local artists and have a cheeky drink.

These regular gatherings propose space for connecting and developing conversation between local creatives. WAM provides a fun and friendly environment to talk shop with other artists, share tips, discuss creative practice, projects and local arts and culture. With the Dandenong Ranges rich and abundant cultural landscape Burrinja’s WAM events are a great opportunity to develop new creative networks, find out about potential opportunities and connect with your local arts community.

Join us on the last Thursday of every month @ 7pm at the Fat Goat (2 Morris Road, Upwey)

Put W.A.M. in your calendar!
Upcoming dates: 25 July, 29 August, 26 September, 31 October, 28 November


Image: previous presentation of Bell Curve, supplied by Speak Percussion

burrinja + Speak Percussion present


Are you an experienced musician or a music enthusiast? Are you between the ages of 12 and 25? Keen to try your hand at bell ringing? We want to hear from you!

Be a part of a local, high quality art music event, presenting contemporary music composed by an award winning composer.

Bell Curve is a contemporary spatial performance work for twelve independent bell ringers composed by Eugene Ughetti and performed with the Federation Bells.

Bell Curve is a site-specific work that will be unique to Burrinja. The presentation will occur in unconventional locations in venue (foyer, gallery, etc.) or even multiple locations. The presentation of Bell Curve will be part of our Art After Dark program alongside other programmed events such as exhibition openings, artist talks, children’s activities, gallery tours, workshops, etc.

If you’re interested, please fill out the Expression of Interest form below:

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We can't wait to meet you!

Dates of commitment are:
Wed 10 July - Sat 13 July

More info:

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Image credit: Trish Campbell, ‘Scar Lines - Ochre’, Acrylic paint on canvas, 2023 (detail)


aerie creative ecology presents

Shapes of Nature | Trish Campbell

Sat 13 July - Sun 25 August | aerie gallery

Strong structural shapes, a sense of story and a sense of drama contribute to interpretations in Trish’s conceptualised landscape painting. Awareness of our traditional lands informs her work as she explores the marks of intrusion and imposition on ancient lands. She is inspired by found patterns, lines, shapes and textures from surfaces in the natural and man-made environments.

Please join us for the Exhibition Launch: 2pm Sat 13 July – everyone welcome

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Image: previous presentation of Bell Curve, supplied by Speak Percussion

burrinja + Speak Percussion present

Winter Wellness ~ Sunset Session

Sat 13 Jul 4.00pm-7.00pm | Burrinja Gallery

Indulge your senses at Burrinja's seasonal art event, ‘Winter Wellness’ featuring Speak Percussion’s ‘Bell Curve,’ a spatial performance by Eugene Ughetti with 12 young Dandenong Ranges performers. Enjoy movement meditation in the gallery, music, refreshments, and engaging art activities for a unique blend of relaxation and creativity.

Tickets - $10 ~ $15

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Would you like to be part of Speak Percussion's performance at Winter Wellness?
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Burrinja presents


Sat 27 Jul - Sun 22 Sep | Burrinja Gallery


Image credit: Miffy Gilbert, ‘Golden Wattle’, watercolour on Arches 300gsm, 2022 (detail)


Galleries 01 & 02

Drawn from Nature: Botanical Illustration between Art and Science

Contemporary botanical art by renowned Victorian illustrators including Jenny Phillips, John Pastoriza-Pinol, Craig Lidgerwood, David Reynolds, Jessie Ford Rose, Mali Moir, Janet Matthews, Miffy Gilbert, Martha Iserman, Marta Salamon, Deb Chirnside, Simon Deere, Amanda Ahmed, Margo Heeley (TBC), and Celia Rosser (TBC), with a display of botanical embroidery by textile artist Lynne Stone.



Gallery 03

The Initiation of Australian Botany: Selections from Bank’s Florilegium

The Florilegium is a record of plants collected by Joseph Banks and his team on Captain James Cook’s first voyage around the world. In an extraordinary effort over 700 copperplates were eventually produced for printing upon arrival back in England. Although intended as a contribution to science, the Florilegium was never published in Banks’ lifetime, and remarkably, it took until the 1980s when the engravings were printed for the first time in colour. A selection of prints will be on display.


Please join us for the dual Exhibition Launch: 2pm Sunday 28 July – everyone welcome.

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Image credit: Banksia ericifolia (Proteaceae) - Plate 741, Banks' Florilegium, c.1771-84 (copperplate engraving on paper), (detail) Photographed: James Hughes


Image credit: Megan Archer, #01. Thinking Woman (detail)


aerie creative ecology presents

Calming the Storm Within | Megan Archer

Sat 31 Aug - Sun 13 Oct | aerie gallery

Megan Archer's work is raw and confident. Working with multimedia, in her first solo exhibition, the artist invites us on her journey and celebration of an ongoing tumultuous relationship with Schizoaffective disorder, one of the most misunderstood, complex mental health issues in society today. It stigmatises and isolates 0.5% of Australians who are living with it.

Inspired by visions and auditory waves of hallucinations during episodes of psychosis, Archer is able to produce a vibrant tapestry of colours and shapes, some with human-like figures and faces emerging from the canvas, others landscapes featuring creature-like hands. These paintings are not just visual experiences, they are emotional voyages that challenge the viewers to reflect on the depths of their own psyche.

Please join us for the Exhibition Launch: 2pm Sat 31 August – everyone welcome

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Image credit:  Nikki Wilson, From Where I Begin, Film Still, (2023)

burrinja presents

From Where I Begin ~ Nikki Wilson

Sat 28 Sep - Sun 3 Nov | Burrinja Gallery

We all live between two realities. The internal one of self and the narratives which come with that and the external world and its demands and offerings. We navigate within and between these realities using our bodies as conduit and historian and our memories and identities are built through this navigation.

This body of work examines the connections and ruptures we make during this process. As an artist with a disability, Nikki's experience of living in this world and of reconciling the inherent disconnect between her external and internal existence can be a difficult and painful one. Overcoming the inherent dissonance and understanding connection is an ever present challenge.

With these works she uses the body as a tool to make these struggles visible. Her work is without context and is ambiguous so as to invite the viewer to bring their own narrative to the work and to connect with the universal bodily experience of the audience and the path that we all walk.


aerie creative ecology presents

Waste to Wonder | Natasja van Wyk & Macarena Ocea

Sat 19 Oct  - Sun 1 Dec | aerie gallery

Join us at Burrinja Cultural Centre for "Waste to Wonder," an innovative exhibition by emerging artists Natasja van Wyk and Macarena Ocea. This project transforms everyday soft plastic waste into extraordinary textile and mixed media art.

Through punch needle embroidery, up-cycling, quilting, and color blocking, Natasja and Macarena create layered artworks that address pressing personal, environmental, and social themes. By highlighting the urgent challenges posed by plastic waste, "Waste to Wonder" aims to empower community members to become agents of change. Attendees will gain firsthand insight into sustainable practices and the transformative power of up-cycling.

Experience the beauty of sustainability and art combined. Visit "Waste to Wonder" and be inspired to rethink waste, embrace creativity, and contribute to a greener future.

Please join us for the Exhibition Launch: 2pm Sat 19 October – everyone welcome

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Image credit: Featured : Sandy Daly | Photograph : Pier Carthew

15% off Adult & Concession prices until midnight June 28th, 2024.


burrinja & the rabble presents


Fri 25 & Sat 26 Oct 7.00pm | Lyre Room

WAKE is a performance installation by powerhouse experimental theatre makers THE RABBLE, created with an ensemble of older women from the Yarra Ranges. Part party, part surreal vaudeville show, part conversation and part town hall meeting, WAKE explores taboo discussions around ageing while embracing connection and celebrating these spectacular older women.

Tickets - $19 ~ $45

Encore tickets - $24.50


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Image credit:  Ronnie Tjampitjinpa (born c.1943) Pintupi language group Untitled, 1996, acrylic on linen, 122 x 122 cm. Photograph by Andrew Curtis. © the artist l Aboriginal Artists Agency Ltd

burrinja presents

Three Echoes - Western Desert Art

Sat 9 Nov, 2024 - Sat 18 Jan, 2025 | Burrinja Gallery

Curated by celebrated curator, writer, artist and activist, Djon Mundine OAM FAHA, Three Echoes – Western Desert Art showcases works by 57 acclaimed artists heralding from Ikuntji (Haasts Bluff), Papunya and Utopia Aboriginal communities in the western desert regions of the Northern Territory, Australia. Drawn from the private collection of Andrew Arnott and Karin Schack, the exhibition of paintings, prints and batiks communicates important stories of tjukurrpa (Dreaming) and Country, and explores the poetic notion of echoes – how metaphorically and metaphonically we can echo a thought, a sentiment or a consciousness.

Three Echoes – Western Desert Art is an initiative of Museums & Galleries Queensland developed in partnership with Karin Schack and Andrew Arnott, and curated by Djon Mundine OAM FAHA. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through its Visions of Australia program and through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. It is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, part of the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy. Museums & Galleries Queensland is supported by the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation and receives funds from Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund.


Please join us for the Exhibition Launch: 2pm Sunday 10 November – everyone welcome.

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