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All upcoming events & experiences at Burrinja as well as out & about in the community.

image credit: Cathy Ronalds, The Rock, Diptych

burrinja presents

There Used To Be A Canopy Here | Cathy Ronalds

Fri 29 Jul - Sat 27 Aug | Burrinja Gallery

It has been over a year since the June 9th storm tore across our mountain through the night, destroying homes and felling large swathes of bush. Seeing such devastation to the bush I love so dearly and hearing the stories of terror and near death experiences in our community was distressing. 

I felt compelled to create a series depicting the devastation we felt to honour both our collective trauma and the bush.

A year later, the removal of fallen trees continues. Those who know this mountain well are familiar with the eerie feeling: there used to be a canopy here.

Music score: Edward Willoughby

Performing artist: Gretel Taylor

Join us for the opening on Thu 28 July @ 6.30pm ~ RSVP HERE


image credit: Bronwyn Ward, Untitled, yarn & recycled textiles, 150cm x 70cm, Photography by Kerri Hollingsworth

burrinja presents

S P A C E S  I N  B E T W E E N 
Bronwyn Ward
& Kerri Hollingsworth

Fri 29 Jul - Sat 27 Aug | Burrinja Gallery

The loss of an estimated 25000 trees during the June 2021 storm has impacted all of us. Our collective grief of the enormous gaps left in our landscape is something which connects us all.

Artists Kerri Hollingsworth and Bronwyn Ward explore this loss by creating fibre sculptures to hold and protect their memory. The artists imagined a forest where all is present apart from our lost trees. They have painstakingly woven, latch hooked and wound natural fibres into tactile sculptures. Incorporating works made with community over conversations of the disaster impact as part of Yarra Ranges Council’s Art Attack program.

You are invited to wander amongst the spaces in between and reflect on your own experience of loss and change. Participate by weaving found natural materials in a communal nature weave to pay homage to our lost trees. Kerri and Bronwyn hope these works will encourage you to contemplate what we have lost and how we can become a more resilient community in the future.

This exhibition has been supported by Yarra Ranges Council Art Attack program. 

Join us for the opening on Thu 28 July @ 6.30pm ~ RSVP HERE



image credit: Victoria Watts, Eucalyptus Forest, acrylic on linen, 2019, 138x102

burrinja presents

Eucalypts | Victoria Watts

Fri 29 Jul - Sat 20 Aug | Burrinja Gallery

Through the fallen leaves and branches I wander, in search of a perfect composition, a view to evoke the atmosphere of the Australian bush; its peeping and twinkling sunlight, tweeting birds and the subtle crackling of undergrowth and bark under foot. These works honour our Eucalypts, spawned from visits to State Parks in Victoria and National Parks in Tasmania over the past decade which harken back to earlier memories of growing up in a rural township, the height of weekend enjoyment being a day trip and picnic amongst the towering gums.

Join us for the opening on Thu 28 July @ 6.30pm ~ RSVP HERE




Image credit: Eamon Wyss

aerie creative ecology presents

Dreamscapes | Eamon Wyss

6 Aug – 10 Sep | aerie gallery

Dreaming stories found naturally in the landscape

‘Dreamscapes’ is a collection of dreaming stories found naturally in the landscape - a series of un-manipulated drone photography of ephemeral salt lakes in Victoria, purposely composed from the air to emulate abstract paintings.

The main inspiration for these works comes from aboriginal dot-paintings Eamon encountered in the Australian desert as a boy, which use both topographical and symbolic communication of the landscape to tell a story.

Join us for the exhibition opening Sat 6 Aug @ 11am ~ RSVP HERE
Eamon Wyss will be giving an Artist Talk on Sat 20 Aug @ 11am ~ RSVP HERE


The MAC Writing Space @ Burrinja

2nd Saturday of the month @ 10am | Starting Sat 9 Jul

Mountain Ash Chapter is offering an inclusive space for the Dandenong Ranges writing community. Hosted by the Burrinja Cultural Centre, each facilitated session will be an opportunity for writers to connect, be inspired, practice their craft and gain valuable feedback.

Dates: Sat 9 Jul | Sat 13 Aug | Sat 10 Sept | Sat 8 Oct | Sat 12 Nov | Sat 10 Dec

$36 for 6 months

Click here to sign up


Harbour Agency Presents

The Whitlams ~
Black Stump Band

Sun 14 Aug @ 7.00pm | Burrinja Theatre

The Whitlams' alt-country offshoot sees Tim Freedman and drummer Terepai Richmond joined by an A-Team of country musicians. The band has 55 Gold Guitars and 10 ARIAs between them, with two CMAA Producers of the Year - Rod McCormack and Matt Fell - joined by Ollie Thorpe on pedal steel. 

This exciting new line up reconstructs The Whitlams' staples like 'No Aphrodisiac', 'Blow Up the Pokies' and  'You Sound Like Louis Burdett', plays some new originals and pulls out a batch of surprising Americana from Neil Young to Lyle Lovett. 

The Black Stump band formed in recording sessions in mid-2021, where they cut tracks that veered from campfire intimacy to rollicking country rock. They had such a good time that they decided to take the act on the road. 

The latest single "The Day John Sattler Broke His Jaw" is all over Country radio. Rhythm Magazine said the track is "the best Australian song you've never heard. Until now. The Whit/ams' country version is a revelation." 

Tickets - $58.50
Limited tickets at members price $53.50

*This show is NOT elligible to use "the one free ticket" benefit included in the Friends of Burrinja Membership.

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Burrinja & Vic Health presents

Queer Collage Party with Aaron Billings (Pink Ember Studios) 

We are bringing back the Queer Collage Party - But this time, its for all ages!

Thu 18 Aug @ 6pm | Tasty Az @ Burrinja

After a delicious dinner from social enterprise Tasty Az we will be guided in making some rock'n collage with Aaron and also get some insight into his practice.

About Aaron...

Aaron makes work featuring the male form, particularly the feminised male form and versions of masculinities that mess with gender representation. Through the medium of comics, books, and textiles Aaron explores queer political power and resists heteronormative ways of seeing.

This event runs 6-8pm (ish)
6pm dinner
7pm Q & A and collage workshop

Let us know you are coming by registering now HERE


Get in touch with any questions or to let us know what your access needs are at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Live in the Lyre

Songwriters in the Round: Clint Wilson, Sadie Mustoe, Benoit and Carolyn Oates

Fri 19 Aug @ 7.30pm | Lyre Room

Delve deep into the creative process with four talented local singer/ songwriters + see them all perform live.

Each songwriter in turn will discuss their creative process, what sparked this particular song, how it took shape, how the meaning developed and how it bloomed into the song it currently is. The show includes performances from each artist exposing the songs in their rawest forms. Questions from the other songwriters, as well as questions from the audience are encouraged to help develop the conversation and explore the diverse approaches that exist within songwriting. If you are someone who loves songwriting, someone that is interested in the creative process, or simply someone that wants to hear some moving songs and the journeys behind them, this is for you!


Tickets - $30

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction

Upwey Community Group & Burrinja Presents

The Upwey Archies 2022

On display from Oct 13 to Nov 10 | Upwey Main Street

Grab your art equipment – pencils, paints, collage, mixed media – and celebrate the people of Upwey important to you!

Bringing together the creative voices and vision of our community, this project is a celebration of the people of Upwey. Inspired by the Archibald Prize and ‘Not The Archies’, the Upwey Archies is a community portrait project.
Cost per entry: $12, or $8 for 14yrs & under.


Pay your registration fee, then head to Burrinja between August 10th – 20th (opening hours are 10am - 4pm | Wed - Sat),  collect an art board (included in your fee). 

How it works once you have your canvas board/s...

1. Create a portrait of a person that is important to you on the canvas provided.

2. Complete your Artwork Description online HERE

3. Complete the information on the back of your canvas.

4. Return your Archies entry (we will not accept wet or damp artwork) to Upwey Township Hall (opposite skate park) during these dates & times

• 4.30 – 6.00pm | 6th October

• 4.30 – 6.00pm | 7th October

• 10.30 – 12.00pm | 8th October

5. Enjoy seeing your work publicly displayed throughout Upwey between Oct 13th – Nov 10th


Attend the award presentation ceremony, 7pm Friday November 11, at the Upwey Township Hall. 


Entry ~ $8 - $12

 Image: Dylan Mooney, OUR MOMENT (detail), 2020 from their Queer, Blak, & Here Series
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Burrinja & Vic Health presents

Queer Stories from the NGV Collection

Mon 22 Aug @ 10.30am |  NGV International

Exhibition visit + Lunch 10.30 am (This event is for 18-25yo LGBTQI+ indentifying young people) NGV International

"QUEER shines a light on the NGV Collection to examine and reveal the queer stories works of art can tell. This exhibition of works from the NGV Collection spans historical eras and diverse media including painting, drawing, photography, decorative arts, fashion, video, sculpture, and design and explores queerness as an expression of sexuality and gender, a political movement, a sensibility, and as an attitude that defies fixed definition.

Rather than attempting to provide an definitive history of queer art, the exhibition explores the NGV Collection from a queer perspective, presenting and interpreting queer concepts and stories."

Tickets ~ Free

Let us know you are coming by registering HERE

Find out more about the Queer Art Collective

burrinja presents

Where Artists Meet (W.A.M.)

Thu 24 August @ 7.00pm | Burrinja 

WAM is Back!

Here’s your chance to get out, have some fun and talk shop with other local artists and have a cheeky drink.

These regular gatherings propose space for connecting and developing conversation between local creatives. WAM provides a fun and friendly environment to talk shop with other artists, share tips, discuss creative practice, projects and local arts and culture. With the Dandenong Ranges rich and abundant cultural landscape Burrinja’s WAM events are a great opportunity to develop new creative networks, find out about potential opportunities and connect with your local arts community.

Join us on the last Thursday of every month @ 7pm at the Fat Goat (2 Morris Road, Upwey)



Burrinja Presents

The Planets | Inventi Ensemble

Sat 27 Aug @ 1.30pm | Burrinja Theatre

Come on a journey to outer space with Inventi Ensemble! In this ground-breaking new arrangement of Holst’s The Planets by Glynn Davies, the ensemble takes this work to a whole new level through this virtuosic writing for just five players. In addition, this work is partnered by a new composition, From Inner Space by Australian composer Johannes Luebbers commissioned by Inventi for this project.

In true Inventi style, the ensemble has also delved into a new multi-disciplinary arts collaboration by incorporating new animations by Melbourne-based digital artist, James Josep hides that have been inspired by the music. This is an immersive experience guaranteed to provide our audience with an out of this world experience!


Tickets - $24 - 29

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction



Burrinja & Regional Arts Victoria presents

Peaceful Piano with Nat Bartsch & Luke Howard

Sun 28 Aug @ 3.00pm | Burrinja Theatre

A double-bill tour featuring Australia's foremost neoclassical pianist/composers.

Luke Howard and Nat Bartsch are at the forefront of the growing neoclassical piano movement in Australia. Drawing from classical, electronic, film, minimalism and jazz influences, their beautiful music has had a powerful impact on people from all walks of life, connecting with audiences worldwide and being streamed online over 50 million times!

For this special double bill tour, Luke and Nat will each perform a set of their music, joining forces at the end for a special collaboration that blurs the lines of composition and improvisation, acoustic and electronic.

Coinciding with the release of new music by both artists, Peaceful Piano is a unique event tailored to all music lovers – classical or otherwise. 

Tickets ~ $19 - $39

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction

image credit: Gabriel Maralngurra, Rock Art Style, acrylic on Arches paper, 76 x 102 cm


burrinja & Injalak Arts presents

Bim kunwarddewardde
(Stone Country Paintings)
Injalak Arts

03 Sep - 08 Oct | Burrinja Gallery

Injalak Arts is located in the stone country of West Arnhem Land, in a landscape crossed by rocky escarpments, wetlands and monsoonal forests. Stories from the land have been told by paintings on rocks for at least 20,000 years. 

This project is the most recent moment in the deep time story of Kunwinjku culture, showing that kunwarrdebim (rock art of the stone country) continues to inspire contemporary West Arnhem Land artists. The exhibition is a collaborative project of Injalak Arts and Burrinja, presenting an overview of Kunwinjku bim (painting) from the last three decades.

Artists include:  Allan Nadjamerrek, Freddie Nadjamerrek, Gabriel Maralngurra, Gary Djorlom, Gavin Namarnyilk, Gershom Garlngarr, Glen Namundja, Graham Badari, Isaiah Nagurrgurrba, Joey Nganjmirra, Lawrence Nganjmirra, Maath Maralngurra, Roland Burrunali, William Djawirda Manakgu, and Timothy Nabegeyo.

Join us for the public exhibition opening with exhibition artists and Injalak Arts Centre staff. Sat 3 Sep @ 11am ~ RSVP HERE

On the day experience a Painting demonstration by Gabriel Maralngurra, and artist guided tours Timothy Nabegeyo and Gavin Namarnyilk from 11.30 am.


Supported by Australia Council for the Arts.



image credit: Rod Moss, CUSTODIANS, graphite on Stonehenge paper

burrinja presents

All My Fat Country | Rod Moss

27 Aug - 08 Oct | Burrinja Gallery

From a body of more than 200 works made during the artist's four decades of life in Mparntwe/Alice Springs, four paintings have been selected. Their themes reflect his enduring friendships with the traditional owners of town and surrounding county, the Arrernte.

Recently, Moss has returned to re-describing the local environment in graphite, the medium he favoured in his first exhibition at Hawthorn City Gallery in 1978. Then it was the suburban backyard. In the present show, its the rugged hill country at his backdoor.

Rod Moss was born in Ferntree Gully and had his first exhibition at Burrinja in 2014. He is an award-winning author of several books including The Hard Light of Day and A Thousand Cuts.

Join us for the opening Friday 26 August 6.30 pm ~ RSVP HERE



Image credit: Liberty Finn, Archival Quality Original Mixed Media Painting on gallery wrapped canvas.

aerie creative ecology presents

When the Forest Speaks | Liberty Finn

17 Sep - Oct 29 | aerie gallery

Liberty Wilding's visual rambles in the forest reflect inner and outer journeys of exploration and knowing. The works in this exhibition shift from hope and magical light toward a more contemplative consideration of loss and regret. The forest’s cycles of decay and growth echo her inner experience and are a reminder that we are not unique in this often jarring cyclic experience of life.




Burrinja Presents

The WACKY Lolly Shooting MACHINE

Mon 19 Sep @ 11.00pm | Theatre

This one hour workshop is perfect for budding inventors that love building stuff. Working as a team, we will create a chain reaction machine out of recycled materials.

Tickets - $15

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction

Image: Peter Waples-Crowe, Detail of the Natives Rallied for Love

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Burrinja & Vic Health presents

Community Dinner and Talk with Peter Waples-Crowe

Tue 20 Sep @ 6pm | Tasty Az @ Burrinja

After a delicious dinner from social enterprise Tasty Az we will enjoy an Artist Talk with indigenous artists Peter Waples-Crowe.

About Peter...

Peter Waples-Crowe is a Ngarigo visual and performance-based artist living in Melbourne. His intersecting experiences as an Aboriginal person and his work with community health and arts organisations give him a unique perspective as an artist and community cultural development worker. Waples-Crowe creates bold colourful work that explores the representation of Aboriginal people in popular culture, often referencing the dingo as a totemic figure and an analogy for Indigenous peoples.

This event runs 6-8pm (ish)
6pm Dinner
7pm Artist Talk

Let us know you are coming by registering HERE


Get in touch with any questions or to let us know what your access needs are at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Learn more



Burrinja Presents


Wed 21 Sep @ 1.00pm | Theatre

An engaging family show during the school holidays that’s a little quirky.  Whalebone will inspire the minds of young aspiring inventors, everyone who loves stories, surprises and wonders and is perfect for kids aged 7-12 years.

WHALEBONE talks about the importance of stories while humankind faces new challenges  in a  world of rising Artificial Intelligence and an ever inflating throwaway culture. 

WHALEBONE is a visual show full of contraptions, exciting and gorgeous video animations, flying objects and the world’s first half human juggling machine.


Tickets ~ $20

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction



Live in the Lyre

Kerryn Fields

Fri 23 Sep @ 7.30pm | Lyre Room

Fuelled by humility, integrity and a raw clarity of vision, Kerryn Fields paints enduring musical portraits that detail the colour and feeling of everything that makes us human. 

Drawing comparisons with the likes of timeless creators, Cat Stevens, Townes Van Zandt, Joan Baez, Neil Young, and more, Fields’ trademark warmth of character - evident in both life and music - fuels a creative offering that’s equal parts captivating, refined and heartrendingly insightful. 

With one hand on guitar and the other firmly upon heart, music moved Fields through a time when chronic illness, family separations and the weight of life changes presented this artist with her biggest challenges yet. It would be her relocation to Melbourne during which Fields would settle into her most significant relationship to date: that with her newfound network of fellow career singers, songwriters and performers. Life as she’d known it would change forever. 

Newstead Live Music Festival’s Troubadour Artist of the Year (2019), winner of the MLT Songwriting Award (NZ Country Music Awards 2019) and New Zealand’s Best New Broadcaster (at age 19), Kerryn Fields has released a range of celebrated records including debut LP, Rascal (2015) and award-winning, critically acclaimed single, Mamma (2019).

Sure, her music speaks volumes. But it’s the captivating warmth and courage of this artist that really leaves the audience shining from the inside-out.  

Tickets - $30

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction


Burrinja Presents

Forgotten Heroes ~ Stories and Songs from Hills Vietnam Veterans

Sat 24 Sep @ 7.30pm | Lyre Room

You’re all here for ANZAC Day, but what do people understand about Vietnam Veterans? We’re the Forgotten Heroes’ Roger Boness, Past President Mt Evelyn RSL

‘And during our rock & roll war our country forgot what they sent us for’ Forgotten Heroes song

A generation of Diggers, many conscripted through National Service, waited 12 years until a 1987 National Welcome Home Parade. Recognition of Veterans’ needs and rights, is a battle continuing to this day.

Inspired by round table conversations at local RSLs,  Forgotten Heroes ensemble proudly presents a poignant, visceral and sometimes funny live performance. 

Yarra Ranges Vietnam Veterans are live guests on stage, sharing some of their own tales, including Darryl and the exploding latrine, and what happened when Roger hung his hammock over a snake’s hole. The show shines a spotlight on how Veterans also rebuilt their lives.

Host Stephen Hall (Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell), singer Carl Pannuzzo (Checkerboard Lounge) and the Forgotten Heroes band, bring original songs and stories, as well as curated 70s tunes from the generation who really meant it when they sang ‘We Gotta Get Out of this Place’. Originating in 2018 as a Dandenong Ranges Music Council songwriting project, Forgotten Heroes has been developed by Artistic Director/ ASA award winning songwriter Cath Russell, in collaboration with celebrated Melbourne playwright Tes Lyssiotis.

The show also features 2 film vignettes created by the Forgotten Heroes ensemble in 2021, funded by Dept Vets Affairs. Archival footage is provided by the National Vietnam Veterans Museum, with additional material generously loaned by the Running Rabbit Military Museum at Upwey Belgrave RSL.

Proudly funded by Yarra Ranges Council

Welcoming  Veterans of any generation, those who know and love them and those who are new to their stories.


Tickets ~ $15 - $35

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction

Image: Peter Waples-Crowe, Detail of the Natives Rallied for Love

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Burrinja & Vic Health presents

Story-sharing workshop with author Roz Bellamy

Sun 25 Sep @ 2pm | Burrinja

Join us for an insightful story sharing workshop with award-winning queer author Roz Bellamy at Burrinja

Please note ~ This event is for 15-25yo LGBTQI+ identifying young people. Family/support people are welcome to attend.

About Roz...

Roz is an experienced presenter, public speaker, interviewer and moderator. They have performed their work and presented at events including the Emerging Writers’ Festival, the National Young Writers’ Festival, the Melbourne Fringe Festival and Queerstories. They have been interviewed on podcasts, ABC Radio, Joy FM, 3CR, Channel 31 and SBS. In 2021, Roz was a writer in residence with Moreland City Council.

Let us know you are coming by registering HERE


Get in touch with any questions or to let us know what your access needs are at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Learn more



Burrinja Presents

Escape from Trash Mountain

Wed 28 Sep @ 11.00am | Burrinja Theatre

An epic tale of trashy proportions!

A puppet show with sustainability at its heart, Escape from Trash Mountain is a poignant look at how good relationships and fervent optimism are the key to saving our planet. Watch in amazement as a large mountain of trash transforms into a cave and becomes the epic playground for our heroes to fight trash bats, navigate treacherous ravines and outwit hideous trash monsters!

Children of all ages will be captivated as two performers operate 17 different puppets and a transforming trash mountain to bring the show to life. Escape From Trash Mountain is fun for the whole family!

Tickets ~ $20

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction


Burrinja Presents

Puppet Making workshop

Wed 28 Sep @ 12.30pm | Lyre Room

Learn about sustainability and the magic of puppetry as you make your very own handmade puppet!

Tickets ~ $15

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction



Burrinja +Big Anxiety Festival Melbourne presents

Sincerley Survivor ~ The Dance Film

Tue 4 Oct @ 7.30pm | Burrinja Theatre

Dancers take on the role of pilgrims, exploring asylums of old.

Grace Dance Company presents Sincerely Survivor the Dance Film at The Big Anxiety Festival 2022, exploring an arts-based research enquiry into the mental health system and its need for reform.

Co-produced as an informal response to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, Sincerely Survivor amplifies the voices of people who have lived experience of mental health challenges; creating art to enable our empathy. Winning the Best Emerging Performance Ensemble Award at Melbourne Fringe in 2020, Sincerely Survivor re-humanises the experience of ‘mental illness’ and institutionalisation; recognising the strength of those who share stories of survival.

Come join a not-to-be-missed opportunity to listen to the stories of mental health Survivors and reflect on what the future of the mental health system could be.

Tickets ~ $20

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction


Premier Artists presents

“Horse with No Name” Tour

Fri 7 Oct @ 7.30pm | Burrinja Theatre 

Performing songs from New Album “Dreams of Jack Chrome” plus Sharkmouth & Past Hits

Recommended for 18+

Event not suitable to babies due to content and /or noise levels.


Tickets - $58.50 inc BF* 

*This show is NOT elligible to use "the one free ticket" benefit included in the Friends of Burrinja Membership.



Burrinja presents


Thu 13 Oct @ 7.30pm | Burrinja Theatre

A dystopian cyberpunk world in the not-too-distant future. Gangs overrun the neon-clad streets, the outcasts rule the pitch-black forgotten ruins of an old district. There is chaos, there is danger in the shadows. There is a Showdown happening downtown; a lone wanderer stumbles amongst a crew of meta-human misfits, the Barbaroi.

Will they have what it takes to be one of them?

This is do or die, this is their initiation. Inspired by a world of shadows where anything goes and the gritty underbelly of society, Barbaroi is a blend of high-octane circus, cabaret theatre. Complimented by finely tuned lighting and soundtrack, this show will lead audiences down the rabbit-hole and asking, ‘Who are the Barbaroi?

Tickets ~ $19 - $39

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction

image credit: Anthony Breslin, 'A Frolic in the Garden of Scull' mixed media on canvas, 160 x 140cm, ©Anthony Breslin

burrinja presents

Melange | Anthony Breslin

15 Oct - 19 Nov | Burrinja Gallery


An exhibition of all new works which will include large scale, theatrical  mixed media paintings, sculpture, animation, installation and a series of interactive “art games”.

The show will also showcase a small series of finely detailed provoking, surrealist like drawings from 25 years back which Anthony has never exhibited before.  

Join us for the exhibition opening Sat 15 Oct @ 2pm ~ RSVP HERE
Join us for Anthony Breslin’s Artist Talk on his process and the works in his exhibition Melange. Sat 29 Oct @ 2pm ~ RSVP HERE



Live in the Lyre


Sat 29 Oct @ 7.30pm | Lyre Room

Rambal is an eight-piece band playing an electrifying mix of soul, blues, and funk music who have been touring up and down the East Coast of Australia garnering national attention with their soul-packed performances.

The band is a crucible of harmonies, guitar, Hammond organ, and a powerhouse rhythm section featuring Nardia Brancatisano (vocals), Justin Yap (guitar & vocals), Ollie Rolfe (keys & vocals), Sunny Reyne (vocals), Jordan Pereira (drums), and Sam Watts (bass). Rambal’s latest release ‘Hold Your Fire’ hones in on the band’s song-writing and focuses on sharing the stories and issues important to the band while laying down grooves and jams in spades. 

Tickets - $30

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction



burrinja presents

Burrinja in Motion

Thu 17 - Sat 19 Nov | Burrinja

A three day mini festival of dance, featuring live performance, film screenings, interactive workshops, dancing in the dark, exhibitions and a curated food experience.

For three days in November, Burrinja comes alive with the dancing body: in motion, sensing, in action and in place.

The human body articulates quite unlike any other form of communication. From the purely physical to the playful, the abstract to the absurd, the gestural to the pedestrian, the body in motion has the capacity to communicate things we ourselves do not know yet.

Through live, screen, stage and sensory mediums, Burrinja moves is a fascinating look at the power and potential of the dancing body.

learn more


Burrinja Presents

Twilight Cinema Scores | Maroondah Symphony Orchestra

Fri 25 Nov @ 7.30PM | The Park at Burrinja

Relax on the lawn to the lush sounds of Maroondah Symphony Orchestra playing well-known classical works which famous movie soundtracks were based. Experience an emotional gamut as the music takes you from despair through magical mystery, from fun to triumphant glory.

Tickets ~ $24 - 29

Single $3 ticketing fee applies per total transaction

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