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Image credit: Elizabeth Gleeson, 'Kaleidoscopic Dreamscapes', 2024


burrinja presents

Kaleidoscopic Dreamscapes | Elizabeth Gleeson

Stay n' Play

JUL - AUG | Burrinja Foyer

Kids will discover with delight the magic that occurs when imagery is reflected and repeated via a large, interactive kaleidoscope. Kids can select and change which images to place in the end of the kaleidoscope, then crank the handle to rotate and experience the visual magic unfolding together through the viewing portal.

Muralist and fine artist Elizabeth Gleeson, has built her art practice on this premise, herself delighted with the element of discovery occurring when imagery is reflected and repeated. Combining sprawling botanicals, motifs and vivid colours in consciously patterned arrangements, she creates works of serene symmetry and intricate beauty.

Instagram: @elizabeth.gleeson.artist


Image credit: Trish Campbell, ‘Scar Lines - Rhythm’, Acrylic paint on canvas, 2023 (detail)


aerie creative ecology presents

Shapes of Nature | Trish Campbell

Sat 13 Jul - Sun 25 Aug | aerie gallery

Strong structural shapes, a sense of story and a sense of drama contribute to interpretations in Trish’s conceptualised landscape painting. Awareness of our traditional lands informs her work as she explores the marks of intrusion and imposition on ancient lands. She is inspired by found patterns, lines, shapes and textures from surfaces in the natural and man-made environments.

Please join us for the Exhibition Launch: 2pm Sat 13 July – everyone welcome

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burrinja presents

Where Artists Meet (W.A.M.)

Thu 25 Jul @ 7.00pm | Fat Goat

Here’s your chance to get out, have some fun and talk shop with other local artists and have a cheeky drink.

These regular gatherings propose space for connecting and developing conversation between local creatives. WAM provides a fun and friendly environment to talk shop with other artists, share tips, discuss creative practice, projects and local arts and culture. With the Dandenong Ranges rich and abundant cultural landscape Burrinja’s WAM events are a great opportunity to develop new creative networks, find out about potential opportunities and connect with your local arts community.

Join us on the last Thursday of every month @ 7pm at the Fat Goat (2 Morris Road, Upwey)

Put W.A.M. in your calendar!
Upcoming dates: 29 August, 26 September, 31 October, 28 November


Burrinja presents


Sat 27 Jul - Sun 22 Sep | Burrinja Gallery


Image credit: Miffy Gilbert, ‘Golden Wattle’, watercolour on Arches 300gsm, 2022


Galleries 01 & 02

Drawn from Nature: Botanical Illustration between Art and Science

Contemporary botanical art by renowned Victorian illustrators including Amanda Ahmed, Craig Lidgerwood, David Reynolds, Deb Chirnside, Dianne Emery, Janet Matthews, Jessie Rose Ford, John Pastoriza Piñol, Mali Moir, Margo Heeley, Marta Salamon, Martha Iserman, Miffy Gilbert and Simon Deere. With works by Celia Rosser.



Gallery 03

The Initiation of Australian Botany: Selections from Banks’ Florilegium

The Florilegium is a record of plants collected by Joseph Banks and his team on Captain James Cook’s first voyage around the world. In an extraordinary effort, over 700 copperplates were eventually produced for printing. Although intended as a contribution to science, the Florilegium was never published in Banks’ lifetime, and remarkably, it took another 200 years until the engravings were printed for the first time in colour as intended. A selection of these will be on display.


Please join us for the dual exhibition's official opening on Sunday 28 July, from 2pm, with opening remarks by Gordon Morrison, former director of Art Gallery of Ballarat. Everyone welcome.

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Explore the Botanical dual exhibition in depth:

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Image credit: Banksia ericifolia, colour engraving and etching (à la poupée) after water colour by John Frederick Miller 1773 and drawing by Sydney Parkinson 1770, engraving by R Hughes 1986 after Daniel MacKenzie and Thomas Scratchley. (c) Alecto Historical Editions / Trustees of the Natural History Museum. Photography by James Hughes, 2024. Private collection.


Burrinja presents

Rachmaninov's Symphonic Dances ~ Inventi Ensemble

Award-winning Australian chamber music

Sat 27 Jul 2.00pm | Burrinja Theatre

Three simple notes open the famous 'Symphonic Dances' by Rachmaninov, which then evolves into a unique work like no other. Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Rachmaninov’s birth, his Symphonic Dances receive the Inventi treatment!

This beautiful and rich symphonic work features the colours and textures that Rachmaninov is famous for. Arranged for flute, oboe, bassoon, violin, viola, and cello, this musical adventure will be the latest triumph in Inventi’s musical exploration.

Join us for an afternoon of exceptional music.

Tickets - $19 ~ $29

Encore tickets - $20.30


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Burrinja presents

HELIOS ~ Wright & Grainger

Internationally award winning modern re-telling of an ancient myth.

Fri 30 Aug 7.30pm | Lyre Room

A lad lives half way up a historic hill.
A teenager is on a road trip to the city in a stolen car.
A boy is driving a chariot, pulling the sun across the sky.

A story about the son of the god of the sun, HELIOS transplants the Ancient Greek tale into a modern-day myth wound round the winding roads of rural England and into the everyday living of a towering city. A story about life and the invisible monuments we build into it.

Written & Told by Alexander Wright
Music by Phil Grainger

Tickets - $19 ~ $29

Encore tickets - $20.30

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Image credit: Megan Archer, #01. Thinking Woman (detail)


aerie creative ecology presents

Calming the Storm Within | Megan Archer

Sat 31 Aug - Sun 13 Oct | aerie gallery

Megan Archer's work is raw and confident. Working with multimedia, in her first solo exhibition, the artist invites us on her journey and celebration of an ongoing tumultuous relationship with Schizoaffective disorder, one of the most misunderstood, complex mental health issues in society today. It stigmatises and isolates 0.5% of Australians who are living with it.

Inspired by visions and auditory waves of hallucinations during episodes of psychosis, Archer is able to produce a vibrant tapestry of colours and shapes, some with human-like figures and faces emerging from the canvas, others landscapes featuring creature-like hands. These paintings are not just visual experiences, they are emotional voyages that challenge the viewers to reflect on the depths of their own psyche.

Please join us for the Exhibition Launch: 2pm Sat 31 August – everyone welcome

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Burrinja presents

Opa Bato! ~ Live in the Lyre

Supporting act to be announced

Fri 6 Sep 8.00pm | Lyre Room

Opa Bato! is the only ‘Trubacki Orkestar’ in Australia, performing authentic contemporary Balkan brass music from the rich traditions of Serbia, Macedonia and beyond.

The distinctive music of the Balkans is the result of European and Eastern musical traditions meeting and cross-pollinating over many centuries. Southern Serbia is home to the ‘Trubacki Orkestar,’ also heard in the wider Balkan region and now the rest of Europe and beyond. While there are slow and evocative ballads, the music is often fast, frenetic and compellingly danceable, with energetic rhythms, soaring melodies and wild Turkish-influenced improvisations.

Tickets - $25 ~ $30

Encore tickets - $21


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Craft Music & One Louder present


Catching Diamonds Tour 2024

With Georgia Mooney

Tue 20 Feb, 2024 @ 7:30PM | RESCHEDULED

Sat 21 Sep, 2024 @ 7:30PM | Burrinja Theatre

The upcoming Burrinja performance of KATE MILLER-HEIDKE - CATCHING DIAMONDS TOUR on Tuesday 20 February, 2024 has been rescheduled for Saturday 21 September, 2024 due to scheduling conflicts.

Current ticket holders please check your email for important information regarding the rescheduling of this show


Kate Miller-Heidke is an award-winning singer-songwriter who traverses the worlds of folk, pop, opera and musical theatre.  She has performed on stages as varied as the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Coachella, the New York Metropolitan Opera, the Eurovision Song Contest, the Sydney Opera House, and the Roebuck Bay Hotel, Broome. 

And now, after long months locked away writing songs, she’s hitting the road to play in dozens of beautiful theatres around Australia.

Kate will be playing her greatest hits and most beloved pop songs, as well as performing tracks from her original musicals ‘Muriel’s Wedding the Musical’ and the new ‘Bananaland’, some unexpected covers, taking requests, and telling stories from across her varied career. Excitingly, she’ll also be debuting new material from her forthcoming 6th studio album, which will dive deep into the genre of ‘gothic folk’.

This is a special opportunity to see Kate in intimate, stripped-back mode, accompanied by her long-term collaborator Keir Nuttall on guitar. 

(The bendy poles from Eurovision will be there emotionally, but not physically).

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Tickets ~ $79.90


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Image credit:  William Holt, Rainbow Gorge, oil and acrylic on canvas, 182 x 205 cm, © the artist

burrinja presents

Epiphany of Paint | William Holt

Sat 28 Sep - Sun 3 Nov | Burrinja Gallery

For painter William Holt abstraction derives from a living engagement with the materials collected, communicated, shaped and reformed, repurposed and renewed.

Holt is the recent Dandenong Ranges Open Studios exhibition Swinburne University Visual Arts Innovation Award winner.


Image credit:  Nikki Willson, From Where I Begin, Film Still, (2023)

burrinja presents

From Where I Begin | Nikki Willson

Sat 28 Sep - Sun 3 Nov | Burrinja Gallery

We all live between two realities. The internal one of self and the narratives which come with that and the external world and its demands and offerings. We navigate within and between these realities using our bodies as conduit and historian and our memories and identities are built through this navigation.

This video installation examines the connections and ruptures we make during this process. As an artist with a disability, Nikki's experience of living in this world and of reconciling the inherent disconnect between her external and internal existence can be a difficult and painful one. Overcoming the inherent dissonance and understanding connection is an ever present challenge.

With these works she uses the body as a tool to make these struggles visible. Her work is without context and is ambiguous so as to invite the viewer to bring their own narrative to the work and to connect with the universal bodily experience of the audience and the path that we all walk.


Burrinja presents

Velveteen Rabbit ~ Born in a Taxi

A must-see for families and anyone who has ever cherished a beloved toy!

Tue 1 Oct 11.00am | Burrinja Theatre

Lights! Cameras! Action! Set within a film shoot, layered with live projections, Melbourne theatre company Born in a Taxi thoughtfully and hilariously reimagines this 100 year old children’s story by Margery Williams. Please bring your own favourite snuggly toy to the show! This is a show where the toys are in charge on stage and your own special guest toy is a VIP.

One of those rare stories that dares to tease out complex themes of loss and love in a way that allows children to connect with them, The Velveteen Rabbit is about a toy rabbit who becomes real…but how did it happen? In the hands of Born in a Taxi, the story is infused with dynamic audience participation, music, live stream video and projections layered into the work that play with multiple scales and give the audience the perspective of a child. Playful, visual and poetic.

The Velveteen Rabbit is created by Born in a Taxi, commissioned by Monash University Performing Arts Centre and supported by Creative Victoria.

“This is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful piece of work” - Anne-Marie Peard, Smart Arts with Richard Watts on Triple RRR Radio

Tickets - $12.50 ~ $21


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Burrinja presents

Nicole Zuraitis (USA) ~ Live in the Lyre

Supporting act to be announced

Thu 17 Oct 8.00pm | Burrinja Theatre

Grammy® Award-winner (2024) for Best Jazz Vocal Album, Nicole Zuraitis has positioned herself as one of the top artists and “prolific songwriters” (Broadway World) to watch in jazz and beyond. This renowned jazz singer-songwriter, pianist and arranger has made a significant mark on the modern jazz landscape.

As a recording artist, Nicole has released five albums as leader, and her sixth album How Love Begins, co-produced with 8-time GRAMMY-winner Christian McBride (2023), features all original music and was awarded the GRAMMY for BEST JAZZ VOCAL ALBUM.

Nicole is also the premier vocalist for the Birdland Big Band and frequently headlines iconic NYC jazz clubs like Dizzy’s Club at Lincoln Center, Birdland, the Blue Note, the Carlyle, 54 Below and the late, great 55 Bar. She has appeared as a featured soloist with the Savannah Philharmonic, Asheville Symphony, and Macon Pops.

Tickets - $55 ~ $65

Encore tickets - $45.50


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aerie creative ecology presents

Waste to Wonder | Natasja van Wyk & Macarena Ocea

Sat 19 Oct  - Sun 1 Dec | aerie gallery

Join us at Burrinja Cultural Centre for "Waste to Wonder," an innovative exhibition by emerging artists Natasja van Wyk and Macarena Ocea. This project transforms everyday soft plastic waste into extraordinary textile and mixed media art.

Through punch needle embroidery, up-cycling, quilting, and color blocking, Natasja and Macarena create layered artworks that address pressing personal, environmental, and social themes. By highlighting the urgent challenges posed by plastic waste, "Waste to Wonder" aims to empower community members to become agents of change. Attendees will gain firsthand insight into sustainable practices and the transformative power of up-cycling.

Experience the beauty of sustainability and art combined. Visit "Waste to Wonder" and be inspired to rethink waste, embrace creativity, and contribute to a greener future.

Please join us for the Exhibition Launch: 2pm Sat 19 October – everyone welcome

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Burrinja presents

Swinging With The Royal Australian Navy Big Band

With support from Dandenong Ranges Big Band

Sat 19 Oct 1.00pm | Burrinja Theatre

The Royal Australian Navy big band is a dynamic ensemble that specialises in performing jazz and big band music. Comprising talented musicians from around Australia, the big band demonstrates the versatility and skill of its instrumentalists and vocalists while performing repertoire from traditional swing and classic big band charts to contemporary jazz and popular music arrangements. A major focus is placed on featuring contemporary Australian compositions and arrangements, particularly those of our own musicians.

Tickets - $10 ~ $15

Youth under 16 Free


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Image credit: Featured : Sandy Daly | Photograph : Pier Carthew

burrinja & the rabble presents


Fri 25 & Sat 26 Oct 7.00pm | Lyre Room

WAKE is a performance installation by powerhouse experimental theatre makers THE RABBLE, created with an ensemble of older women from the Yarra Ranges. Part party, part surreal vaudeville show, part conversation and part town hall meeting, WAKE explores taboo discussions around ageing while embracing connection and celebrating these spectacular older women.

Tickets - $19 ~ $45

Encore tickets - $24.50


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Burrinja presents

Double Feature: Sara Storer + Fanny Lumsden ~ Live in the Lyre

Fri 1 Nov 8.00pm | Lyre Room

Experience a spectacular night at Burrinja with two ARIA and multi-Golden Guitar winning artists, Sara Storer and Fanny Lumsden. Enjoy their unique Australian country sounds and captivating stories in this special double feature event. Each artist will perform a full set, promising an unforgettable evening.

With an ARIA for Best Country Album and 22 Golden Guitar Awards, Sara Storer is celebrated as one of Australia’s greatest singer-songwriters.

Sara writes from the heart, sings from the soul, surveys the people and land around her and lets stories inspire her creativity and guide her craft. Since the release of her critically acclaimed debut album ’Chasing Buffalo’ in 2001, Sara has gained a loyal following across Australia and has earnt high praise for her unique and authentic songwriting from the likes of Paul Kelly, Josh Cunningham (The Waifs), Kev Carmody and John Williamson who have also recorded duets with her.

Paul Kelly best described Sara’s songwriting talents when he said: "She's found her own way to sing the stories that are all around her and then inside her bubbling out. She doesn't copy over-emotive, fake sincere twangy country singers from overseas. She's found her own restraint and steel and lets her songs do their sweet, sly work."

Tickets - $48 ~ $53

Encore tickets - $37.10


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Kin Music, Second Sunday and Craft Music present

Katie Noonan and Karin Schaupp ~ Songs of the Southern Skies Volume 2

Sat 9 Nov @ 7.30pm | Burrinja Theatre 

Katie Noonan and Karin Schaupp have an intuitive musical connection that has developed over the course of the 20 years of their creative relationship. Their collaborations to date have earned them an ARIA Award and widespread praise. Their latest co-creation, Songs of the Southern Skies Volume 2 once again promises to enchant national audiences.

Together they return to their acclaimed Southern Skies catalogue reinterpreting some of their favourite songs by antipodean artists - this time focusing on some of our finest female artists. Performing a varied program with reimagined arrangements of songs by artists such as Aunty Ruby Hunter, Missy Higgins, Sia, Kate Ceberano, Sarah Blasko and more as well as revisiting some favourites from the first Southern Skies installment.

Renowned for breaking down genre boundaries, Katie Noonan’s technical mastery and pure voice makes her one of Australia’s most versatile and beloved vocalists. Guitarist Karin Schaupp is an internationally sought-after recitalist and soloist. These two virtuosi combine forces to create a unique sound and a spellbinding performance.

“Katie Noonan has a voice like warm honey being decanted into melting snow. It is such a thing of beauty that finding a vessel to hold it can be difficult. Happily, in the music of acclaimed German-born classical guitarist Karin Schaupp, Noonan has found the perfect companion." - THE AUSTRALIAN

Tickets - $65 + BF


Tickets on sale from 4 July at 10am

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Burrinja presents

Nigel Wearne ~ Live in the Lyre

Supporting act to be announced

Thu 28 Nov 8.00pm | Lyre Room

Nigel Wearne saunters after dark in the music of the night, blending blues, jazz and Americana-noir. Swathed with rambunctious horns, Gretsch guitar, drums and double-bass, his hot new band has a retro vibe that smacks it straight back to the 60s. Hailing from Gunditjmara country in South-West Victoria, he’s toured Australia, New Zealand, the US, UK and Canada and played some of the world’s most prestigious music festivals including MerleFest (USA), Cambridge Folk Festival (UK) and Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion (USA). His latest album The Reckoning received a nomination for Best Blues Work at the 2023 Music Victoria Awards and a 4-STAR review in The Weekend Australian.

A deep thinker and truth seeker with a penchant for all things peculiar, Wearne sings of human frailty, grace and the cosmos; songwriting that cuts to the bone. Think after-dark jazz club meets Ennio Morricone with a dose of soul and rock ‘n roll. 

“Intoxicating New Orleans-tinged Americana… a bit of Waits, some Early James and C.W. Stoneking.” – POST TO WIRE 
"Tailor made for fans of Tom Waits... with fire and brimstone lyrics that recall Nick Cave." – Rhythms Magazine

Tickets - $30 ~ $35

Encore tickets - $24.50


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