Image: Louise Daniels
Unravelling 3, Hand formed aluminium wire sculpture, 32cm high, 2015


4 June - 3 July


Burrinja Gallery

Louise Daniels: Unravelling

Opening Celebration 2:30pm Sunday 5 June

Walker Street Gallery SHE 2015 Award winner.
This powerful charcoal drawing and aluminum sculpture series represents women dealing with the burden of change and uncertainty.

Daniel's research engages communities of women and an exploration of mental health. Her imagery represents women under stress and their different responses to severe pressure. Each is fighting strains imposed on them, with varying degrees of success.

Her work highlights the importance of resilience for individuals and families, Daniels says 'women are often a quietly binding force that holds families and communities together'.

Daniels lives in Ulverstone in north-west Tasmania. She is proud to be an Aboriginal Tasmanian with a deep history connecting her to northern Tasmania.




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