7 July – 7 August


Burrinja Gallery

What Lies Beneath

“There is no dead matter, lifelessness is only a disguise behind which hides unknown forms of life” - Bruno Schultz

Eco-printing engages the pigments in leaves, natural fibres, metal and heat to create prints and imagery that cannot be orchestrated or controlled – as Rebecca Funk describes: 'this is a dance with Nature herself where we follow Her lead…'

Emerging from a series of workshops lead by local artist Jacqui Grace and soul crafter Rebecca Funk, the cohort of makers will exhibit new eco-printing based work developed from an exploration of creative process where artist, matter and cosmos are co-constructors of meaning, beauty, sacredness, art and chaos.

Dynamics between structure and emergence, individual work and collaboration, the stagnant and the ephemeral, process and outcome culminate in an exhibition which will showcase the generative process of eco-printing as we explore what lies beneath the leaf, and these constructs.

Exhibition Opening Celebration Thursday 7 July at 6pm

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Image: Jacqueline Grace

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