The Wonder WigWam, Amy Middleton 




Burrinja Foyer

The Wonder WigWam - Amy Middleton & Dave Thompson

Burrinja Kids Stay and Play free family activity by local artists 

The Wonder Wigwam is an interactive visual and sound installation for children and families. Created as a catalyst for imaginary play, The Wonder Wigwam uses books, environment and sensory triggers to evoke imagination and wonder. It brings together elements of an outdoor dwelling that includes a wigwam constructed from wood, fabric and found materials, interactive lighting, a soundscape, and a range of books for children to enjoy that directly engages with theme of imaginary contemplation/play and idea generation. Illustrative books that do not include text will also be included for those who find reading difficult due to age or language barriers. The installation will include a soundscape made in collaboration with local sound artist Dave Thomson. The purpose of the soundscape is to offer our participants sensory triggers that support the idea of an outdoor environment. The natural environment of the Dandenong Ranges plays a large role in the conceptual development of Dave's art practice which compliments the outdoor theme of The Wonder Wigwam.

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