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Not Just for Christmas | Leticia Hodson

Stay n' Play

FEB - MAY | Burrinja Foyer


Getting a new pet for Christmas is exciting but it’s a big job for a family. Luckily kids can help out with jobs like feeding, bathing and training your new pet. 

Come and meet the Puppy Marionettes and help look after them in Burrinja’s new play space created by pet portrait artist Leticia Hodson.

Using left over plastic bottles and cardboard from Christmas, Leticia has created marionette puppets in a pet’s paradise for kids to play, explore and look after our new additions to the studio family. Walk them in the park, train them to sit and give them bath in the foyer of Burrinja this February.

Leticia is a resident artist of the Aerie Creative Ecology producing realistic pets portraits in acrylic on paper 

Facebook: @artbyleticia

Instagram: @pet_portraits_by_leticia

Web:  artbyleticia.com 




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